Add the biggest collection of movies & shows to Kodi Krypton 17.

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  1. Why do so many of you hate on the guy. There is nothing misleading here. There is always the possibility of kodi disappearing. Nobody knows exactly if or even when. As it stands, kodi is still running so why not roll with it. The guy even gives kodi alternatives such as terrarium etc. It costs you nothing guys. Either don’t watch or pull your big boy pants up and get on with it. ?

    • So, what good is Kodi if the addons go? And, the websites that host copyrighted material can be shutdown quickly when the countries where their servers are located crack down/change their laws.

    • free movies… and you are complaining… why don’t you just go buy all the movies then? if its too much “hassle” to find new working servers all the time. I personally only use this to watch a movie to see if i want to buy it or not. I have found many movies that i thought would be good that have disappointed me and a few that i was unsure about that I will now go purchase for my video collection. It’s too bad that this is such a hassle for you, good luck with your other options *crickets*

  2. Kodi noob here. I just added all the URLs and I’m already seeing a BUNCH of copies of the same movie on here. How do I get it to only display one?

  3. okay I figured out the thumbnail issue for Android phones. go into the files you named, long press the file, choose “set content” click “movies or TV , etc” provider will say none, change that to The movie data base, it will start pulling everything in….

    • Kevin Canada lol that’s great. don’t know if u knew but these libraries build alot of thumbnails in your storage I did all the movies plus one he didn’t add and I had over 5gigs of thumbnails don’t forget to delete them it won’t mess up anything and will help with performance

    • Kevin Canada any maintenance addon will do like Echo Wizard or raw maintenance and you can also use es file explorer by going to android / data / org.xbmc.kodi / files / .kodi / userdata / and thumbnails are in there if you don’t see the .kodi go to menu / tools / show hidden files while your there turn off recycle bin this way is more complicated but if you get used to it it’s the best way

    • Jani Rod how do I set read rate? It keeps stopping to buffer and has notification saying slow read rate for playback. Sometimes it shutdown Kodi.

  4. I added the URL and can’t get the movies to show how he saying on the screen. What I get is a list of names but not the actual pictures of the movie. Does anyone knows how can I get the pictures?

    • Edwin A Infante Leocadio after taping in the link like he instructed you have to specify whether it’s TV or movies. I had the same problem I did it at first it was just a big list for instance after you enter the movie Linc one before you hit okay you have to click on the little box and it’ll say is this movies or TV

    • +James Craft I think is cuz if the device he has. I have a nexus player. And what I don’t get is the options he’s saying on my device. Or I haven’t figured out how to the them options

  5. After adding the first link there are duplicate movies in Kodi, which is understandable considering most movies are available in multiple resolutions / releases. Is there a way to clean this up automatically? For instance to keep the version which has the largest filesize and remove the rest from the library?

    • Melvin Lofton Enable Box Sets option then all duplicate movies will be all in 1 folder instead of all over the place

    • Didnt work for me.
      Anyone know how to keep the stream sources seperate from my real movie library I have on hard drive.
      What I would like in on home page to have a way to look at only my movie library or another tab to look at only the streaming sources, I really dont like them all mixed together.

  6. My “enter files section” has no “add movies” on the list. Only thing listed is: Files, Playlists, Video add-ons.

  7. Movie links 2-4 and tv links 1-3 don’t work. It says there is no connection to network. Link 1 and 5 for movies and link 4 for tv worked just fine. Anyone else have this issue?

  8. I love your videos. I find them straightforward and easy to follow. None of the links have worked for me but that’s ok. I still have the add ons like Phoenix, Exodus, etc… I’m happy to be able to get what I can.

  9. I also have to point out that my tv shows and movies all ended up under Movies and did not separate themselves to the group they should be in.


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