What is Indigo for Kodi? Should You Download It or Delete It? Walkthrough & Installation Guide


With the closing of the popular Echo Wizard, many Kodi users are looking for program addons that offer similar functionality. Echo will be joining forces with TVADDONS, so much of the functionality you're used to with Echo Wizard will be available in Indigo in the near future. As it currently stands, Indigo already has a wide array of helpful tools similar to other Wizards. Indigo offers helpful tools such as automatic configuration, manual installation of Kodi addons, speed test and maintenance tools. With that said, Indigo doesn't come without its fair share of controversy (read below for details).


NOTE: You may have heard that Indigo deletes add-ons on your Kodi box and installs itself without your permission.

The new Indigo Kodi add-on from TVADDONs replaces some of the other add-ons released from that group including their wizard, maintenance tool, log uploader, notifications tool. However, it appears that the new Indigo add-on goes a step further than just replace those add-ons.

Users have noticed that Indigo deletes add-ons and automatically installs itself if you have any of the individual add-ons that make up Indigo. If you previously had any of the following add-ons installed, you will notice they’ve been deleted and replaced with Indigo.

Addon Installer

Hub Wizard

XBMC Notifications

Fresh Start

XBMC Hub Maintenance

Hub Maintenance (by Mikey1234 of XunityTalk)

Source: Kodi Tips


Tools available in Indigo –

Config Wizard – Installs a selection of the top Kodi add-ons from

Addon Installer – Provides an “app store” style option to install

Kodi add-ons from official repositories

Maintenance Tools – Perform routine Kodi maintenance such as clearing cache, wiping add-ons, purge add-ons, etc

Rejuvenate Kodi – Wipes your current Kodi setup AND installs the config wizard

Factory Restore – Wipes your current Kodi setup and leaves you with a base installation

Log Uploader – Upload your Kodi log and email it to an address of your choosing

Network Speed Test – Test your upload/download speed in Kodi
System Information – A list of basic information about your Kodi setup (version, etc)

Sports Listings – A listing of sports events and what channel they are on to help assist you in finding a stream.

Backup/Restore – Backup and restore your Kodi setup

Log Viewer – View your current Kodi log without exiting Kodi

Notifications (Opt Out) – Disable the Indigo Kodi add-on from sending you notifications


If for any reason installing Indigo causes problems on your system, you should uninstall the TVADDON repo, as well as the Indigo addon itself (and any other TVADDON addons). This is the only way to completely remove Indigo from your system.

Remember to always do a back up of your current build before making any changes.


    • The5thAvenueProject i was wondering if you can help me install Spanish channels on kodi your videos are the best great explanation step by step instructions ….think you can help ?

  1. I came across an issue about 6 weeks ago, where I’ll be watching something and Kodi won’t buffer the video. (The light gray bar that shows the loading of the video). I’ve used easyadvancedsettings and increased buffer size and cache memory. I’m wondering if my issue has to do with Indigo? I’m running out of ideas why Kodi isn’t buffering the video. Any ideas? I’m gonna try hard-wiring my FireTV next. I just upgraded my internet speed also.

  2. Thanks 5thAP! This was very helpful so I subscribed, hit the bell and thumbs up too ! 🙂
    Videos like this are great for noobs like me!

  3. indigo is gonna be the new echo wizard. mainly use it now for daily cleaning for kodi. they have improved it since this video?

  4. Yeah I was wondering what the hell happened? How do I delete an add-on? I used to be able to turn off certain add ons from showing in the populated list.

  5. some of you are still using old vs of kodi some addons no longer work for example indigo in tvaddons is different you might try using 17.3 may be I’m doing some thing wrong at any rate I would like to know by the way they no longer even list older vs. of kodi


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