UPDATED! How to Install Exodus on Kodi 17.3


Exodus was down but not its back up again and its easy to install.

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    • Mutty Jabal ?ah let’s keep this going your great man. I have never had the privilege of meeting someone like you your hilarious..

  1. I followed this tutorial but couldn’t find exodus and settled for covenant. But now my computer screen has been stuck on the loading screen. Help!!

  2. My Kodi keeps disappearing from my Firestick and I have to always go onto Downloader to reload it. When I close it off the app is then gone again. How can I fix this?

    • It should be in your apps section. If it doesn’t appear long press the select button. This will bring up a menu which you will see “my apps” select my apps and kodi will be there.

    • I am aware of that however it does not appear there either. So I always take the long route and reinstall using the Downloader then I have to hit open app if I hit done and go to my apps it is still not there 🙁

    • I have an updated tutorial which I’ve just uploaded for exodus and also one for covenent. Check my channel page for details.

  3. Clarence can you help me. When I got my Amazon fire stick it already had kodi on it and when I clicked on kodi it would open straight onto a screen with pictures on it and a main bar that had tv programmes and movies written on it. Which when I clicked on them would take me to a page where they were all listed. Somehow my stick got reset and now I can’t access anything. How do I get it back to how it was??

    • I have not made many tutorials for what you want lately. What you had was a “build” Builds contains many “addons” Builds are known by different names like the “pulse” build or “Wookie” build. I have made a tutorial on for both those builds. My latest tutorial for a build is “infusion” it’s all a personal choice. You could just install a couple of addons like “covenent” or “wolfpack” instead. I would Google “Kodi builds” and “kodi 3rd party adons” if you are unsure of what I’m referring to.

    • Exodus is a very popular addon. I think what you had was the “TV addons” build or wizard. If so that explains it. They are in the middle of a lawsuit and were shut down.

    • clarencebeaks74 oh ok as this only happened today. I need a new build so that I can access everything with ease. What would you recommend

  4. I just did as stated but exodus was not in the list provided on ares wizard so any other way to get the exodus add on?


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