This KODI ADD ON is Better Than Exodus, Faster & More Reliable!


With FUSION & EXODUS having issues you may be looking for an alternative. This KODI Add On is working 100%, Is Faster Than Exodus and More Reliable, Take a look then get it installed!!


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    • I use a build (Firetvguru) and all I did was activate Metalliq with trakt just like I did with Exodus. Once activated you can rate movies with in Elysium. The movies also show up on trakt website under your history. The only thing missing is the check marks syncing from Unlike Exodus if you reinstall kodi or do a build update they will be gone.

    • This is indeed the biggest problem with Elysium. There is no “new episodes” functionality, and that is the most useful feature of exodus. I would like to use Elysium but without that it is useless to me.

    • Randall Lind you really can’t. They’re not the same thing at all. Exodus (and SALTS) both have a list which shows the next unwatched episode in every TV series you’re watching. Makes it VERY easy when you’re not exactly sure what you want to watch next. You just bring up the list and pick one. Simples.

      Elysium tries to do something similar with its “in progress” list, but its history is based on its own internal database, so doesn’t know what you’ve watched in other addons or on other computers. Given that trakt has my history of something like 90 TV shows, Elysium without trakt is pretty much useless.

  1. yesterday i got notification on show box about power rangers movie available.
    checked exodus, they have Cam.
    checked elysium, they had SD only cam
    checked terrarium they had cam

    • +gdiggedy9 obviously it will be available now on everything. i was talking about that specific time (earliest).

    • Your original comment is marked as two days ago. That’s the same time I played the movie in HD in Exodus for my son. I came across the HD links in both addons the night before. I wasn’t referring to today.

    • +gdiggedy9​ if your not new to these things than you already know eventually things comes up.
      there is a timezone difference, plus speed at which things get updated.
      as far i remember, and if im not wrong that HD stream at exodus was still a cam version, i saw that too but at that specific hour movie was only available at Showbox.
      thing i like about Showbox is same, no cam versions.

  2. I’ve never once had any problems with exodus even with a lot of the providers leaving, real debrid plus exodus is amazing and will always be my number one

  3. Hey man I just wanted to say thank you very much for your share it works great bye-bye Exodus! Keep up with your videos I’m going to subscribe!! Much love

  4. can i just say awesome i have just updated my 16.1 kodi to 17.3, every video i have watched as failed. yours my friend worked well.

  5. The reason fusion does not work is because the repo known as tvaddons has been taken down due to ongoing US federal lawsuit brought forth by the greedy bastards known as Directv

    • OWNURS kodi will work…there is no copyright law being broken by kodi itself….it is the add-ons that they are claiming copyright infringement against….

    • I just installed Kodi. I was very disappointed upon hearing such news. Any better alternatives? I am trying to create a new folder in file manager but the option is greyed out.

  6. EXODUS IS NOT DOWN ITSELF………the repo is….I have had exodus installed for a while and have ZERO issues

  7. Can anyone help me with this problem. What I am running into is that the part where you at a source and you enter in that exact address he puts in the box and hits okay and then you name it like he said. Then when you go to upload from Zip drive you see it and you click on it for me the file is empty it contains nothing it’s there but contains nothing therefore I can’t go any further. I have seen other videos over and over where they talk about hot fixes to fix Exodus and they have me do the same thing at a Source enter a certain address or site in and upload from Zip drive but the file is always empty what am I doing wrong what is wrong with my file?

  8. i just added Elysium and it is dping the same thing as Exodus was doing, wont people search, or search in general for that matter.. kodi 17.1 on a firestick

  9. Its crap. Theres nothing in it. Not one thing at all. You press movies, or tv shows and nothing happens at all. Dont waste your time.


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