How to customize xbmc or kodi skin. Tutorial includes one of the best official kodi skins.

"EASILY setup your Kodi with the Configurator for Kodi Windows or Android wizard. Configurator is RATED #1 setup wizard on Google Play and has everything (FULLY-LOADED) you need to get and keep your Kodi running SUPERBLY!


Google Play: "


    • +Pedro Gonzalez Ningun problema Pedro, era solo por un tiempo limitado. Esa gente es confiable y muy buenas personas. Tienes el website correcto? los puedes contactar directamente si gustas. Muchas gracias !

    • +Pedro Gonzalez Eso de tiempo y modos de pago es cosa de ellos, yo solo les dejo saber lo que esta disponible en el internet para que puedan tomar una decision educada. No te preocupes que quizas estan ocupaditos pero cuenta con eso. Eso lo que hacen y no les conviene quedar mal con nadie. Tranquilo, un abrazo !

  1. Great video! Ive changed the wallpaper, sub menu’s, etc so many times and now I couldn’t figure out how to get it back to original settings. Pls advise. Thanks!

  2. Hey Solo Man, I have a big issue that I have not been able to figure out the solution anywhere yet and I’m hoping you can help me. So I downloaded the Xonfluence skin and created my build on Windows pc. Well, when I backup and restore to android box all my thumbnail shortcuts icons are gone. I can still click on them cause the text is there of what they are just the icon pictures are gone. How can I resolve this issue? If I do a backup that saves all my thumbnails then they will appear but when I delete thumbnails for maintenance the icon pics will disappear. Please help! Thanks

  3. the skins in the “get more” section only show up if you have the corresponding repos already installed… so what repo do I need for this skin

  4. Titan skin probably does more then this one although i have never tried this one to compare and never watched all the video


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