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  1. If ya skip ahead ….. . . .

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    Now, if this Video helped you out, which I certainly hope that it did …… . . .

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    • +HotGame What Canadian channels give you programming you can’t get elsewhere? I hope you’re not looking for CBC crap.And who watches TVO?

    • +Richard Caul
      what are the best? Im not canadian but i live in canada now. I wanna know whats going on in canada i live in Montreal i jave some french channels though i mostly watch France channels and quebec but i want other good channels

    • +HotGame Ah well in that case you can use the free version of Rasp. It has a few news channels such as CBC and Global TV. Among many others, including two of my favorite channels TruTV and Investigation Discovery.
      You can download the kodi addon from

  2. Anyone know any IPTV addons that have Fight Network? It’s a Canadian channel that we can’t get in the US. I’ve been looking for it for a long time.

    • +Todd Fury You’re welcome.
      Also, there’s Their premium service cost 20 canadian dollars per month. Similar channel selection from canada, US, UK and some international channels.

  3. Joe thanks, great stuff. The build is great but this build hides or takes your profiles from regular kodi and offers you a spot to make a in build second profile…but I lost all my other stuff…so not a huge fan of that

  4. All of these builds are suppose to be the best but each time I try one because of how the other ‘best build ever’ flops I end up going through the same thing. Live media always kicks me out. I tried this build yesterday and was on ID Network and USTVNOW and both played for a few seconds then kicked me out. Why is it that every live media source ALWAYS kick me out?? I believe I’ve been using Kodi for a little over a year now and have run into this problem ever since IPTV Stalker went to the toilet.

    • if the ares wizard is not in your program addons, then it may be still down. it’s been down for a few weeks. try reinstalling from zip and check the bottom on your screen for a red x

  5. Joe, have a question. I have your super hero build. I love it! However, I need help. Is there an easier way to access Exodus on this build or to add an easier way other than going to systems then add-ons then my add-ons then to video add-ons then to Exodus. Surely I can add an easier way, right?

  6. this build has so much in it but is still quick and packed with content
    im running it on firestick and have another fork with a different build on.thats how good this is.

  7. @Joe nobody I need help. I have had kodi on my fire stick for about 2-3 month. everything worked fine. now my movies will not play . they load half way, buffer then say not available. I have reinstalled . unhooked fire stick. still no luck . any thoughts?


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