The Fastest Kodi 17 Krypton Build of 2017? | Spinz TV Fury | Complete Walk-through and Setup



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  1. Great vid, what build does everyone recommend for 4k content? I have a 8core/3GB ddr3 box so i can handle a big build too

    • Thanks, I do, I just wondered if any build out there is made with all sorts of live animations, possibly with TV tunes preinstalled and all the bells and whistles. I heard TVtunes addon was blacklisted so I wonder if any other Kodi addon has a themesong database too..

    • Josh F. You need a lite build for firestick. It’s a must (so no, all builds do not work better on firestick) aim for less than 300 mb on fire stick.

  2. I run this build on my fire stick and it’s a great build. Nice overview for those who don’t know about this build.

  3. I love this build but in Specto Tv you were able to save your favourite shows when I do save it does not show up in favourites???

    • In Specto, there are two “Save to Favourites”. Be sure to select the 2nd Save to Favourites as the first one saves it to the favourites inside of Specto and the 2nd one will save it to your Kodi favourites.

  4. Let me ask you a question, after watching you’re video for the hard nox build, I went and downloaded it, but as of recent I keep getting some sanctuary errors and I’m not sure how to fix it, also, would you recommend the fury build over the hard nox?. if I wanted to change the build should I erase hard nox completely or can I switch builds an easier way?, thanks for the videos, they’re awesome.

    • Triple M, I have the hard nox build on currently, and I have an android device not the stick, so in your opinion which is the best?, and thanks for your reply, I’m always looking at your videos to see if there’s any new builds. Which add on do you recommend for 4k movies?.

    • marcos sterling it’s what you prefer. The build with 6 skins he recommended it awesome. But his point was, this build from this video is for a device with low memory. Not sure what your android device has for memory

  5. I like this build and have it on my my laptop . Now trying to add it to my firestick , but it keeps coming up with an error .. I have typed correctly , restarted Kodi 3 times but will not load from repository .
    any ideas please .

  6. Plz reply,I have been having this problem with not only spinz but ares also …i cannot download anything,it starts fine but all of a sudden what ever build i am trying to dl stops and say’s ERROR check log! i have been doing this for awhile so I’m not doing anything different, so if anyone has this same problem please respond!

  7. hello Triple M! I luv ur style in ur videos. this is a really nice build, especially for my firestick. buy this is the second time I’ve installed this build. I don’t kno why but it doesn’t sho any info about the movie in the widget section or if I pull from the above menu, like New Releases. it works fine in tv section. I hav a fresh kodi 17.3. wen I had the 17.1 it did the same thing. I feel like it has sumthin to do with Bob. can u please help?!


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