The Exodus Kodi Addon Is Not Gone ! (Exodus Lives)


Exodus is one of the most popular third-party Video Addons for Kodi. Recently, the primary developer of Exodus resigned after some issues related to other Kodi developers. Many thought that Exodus was leaving with the developer. It is not the case.

Exodus has provided the Kodi community with a lot of great content and has been one of the most reliable sources for Movies and TV Shows in Kodi. While we do hate to see the developer go, we are lucky to be able to continue enjoying content in Exodus.

Always Stay Informed Guys!!

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  1. hi mcchanga….. your the best love. I’ve been following you for a while. your videos ate clear and straight to the point….. your voice is so pleasant. lol. wow your amazing gun. god bless and thanks once again

  2. Thank you for calming my fears of looking for another alternative as I just installed Kodi on my 1st gen Firestick and I had never embarked on anything like this before and at age 57, I felt quite proud of myself that I installed and am enjoying so many great movies! Have a Blessed Sunday!

  3. Exodus still works perfect on version 16 and 17 (we have a different version on each TV)….and this is almost two months later (3/25/17)  lol @ “Sky Is Falling” people.  🙂


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