Here is the latest Ultra TT V2.5 That includes a new theme switcher! I have included some new addons and it still runs incredibly fast! ALSO includes FREE NFL GAME PASS INTERNATIONAL!


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    • Hyper is more of a flashier & visually appealing build & is recommend for higher ram devices (2GB RAM for example). I use it on my Matricom gBox Q2 box & is great. Ultra is great for firesticks & other devices with lower ram (< 1GB ram) and is a straight to the point build. I also use the Ultra for my living room firestick. Both share about the same amount of addons & of course you can add in your own.

  1. Are you finding problems with YouTube? I have downloaded Ultra but have my own build as well and History is not working on either although it always has done up until this morning

    • YT has got worse overnight. History vanished but still in configure menu and keeps asking me to activate, which I have done many times!

    • i have googled the youtube problem and nothing seems to be working unfortunately. I asked TT if he had a solution but he dosent reply to all on here i guess due to time restraints maybe….dunno…if u find a solution pls let me know

  2. Hi i watched a film on the firestick which was fine then i started to watch another one and it kept crashing to the firestick home do i have to restart kodi once i have watched a film or something??

  3. Game Pass worked for about one minute, then I got an Epic Failure Message. It said Unexpected error=(.Please enable debugging for both the addon and Kodi, and submit a bugreport.
    Any suggestions?

  4. I did a fresh start on my Kodi (fire stick) then I followed directions. 2 times in a row at about 3 minutes in to the download, my fire stick restarts. why is this?

    • thanks for trying to help. the version you’re referring to is the one I’ve been trying. I’ve restarted, tried with and without the adult. no luck. sucks, because that’s the build I want but I can’t keep trying and having my stick keep restarting. any recommendations on a different build that I might like?

    • download ares wizard and choose a build there is plenty good ones.. pulse CCM is good. Try techtimuruu builds they are good too, The Beast.

  5. Does anyone know any add ons that let me watch NBA replays I have both NBA on demand and NBA full games add on but neither work. I’ve been looking for ages and it seems like no one has an answer

  6. Appearance is not on System anymore. Is there another way? Please and Thank You! Went on Interface and tried it and Ultrablue isn’t there anymore….. 🙁 Also, how can I have it so that my weather is on my home screen again? Ever since I updated the build, all the good stuff went away. Please help! 🙁


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