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  1. Thank you so much appreciate you so much he do a lot for us and I would appreciate it thank you and your family so much you have a very nice holiday I think we should have games in it I look someone that put some games in it I will wait for a long time get some games and play games I have a game free and thank you so much yudu gear ratio how to do the game thing please I am one of them please let us know so I could play the games thank you so much I do have an Android box. Does and please thank you again and again and your family I give you 500 thumbs up could you do a very good job God is good all the time I hope you have a good New Year’s you and your family

  2. Thanks Aldren. I’m using RC3 and it seems noticeably faster on my Shield. One thing worth mentioning though is that UPNP is not enabled by default in 18 so if you use it you have to go into settings|services and enable it.

  3. Thank you Aldren for another phenomenal video. I’m still using K-17.6/Krypton, I just installed K-18/Leia, both are on my windows 10 desktop. Now I’ll patiently wait for the next official release of HardNox (Jeremy Martin), and for your next video(s) on retro gaming. MiSfIt4LIFE

  4. Great video! Can’t wait for the official 18.0 release. Love the 2 second load time to open.
    I will be looking for your next Kodi 18 video. I am always interested in those retro games.

  5. Thanks for sharing brother ALDREN. Much appreciated brother. Hope you had an awesome CHRISTMAS. Keep up the awesome work and keep the awesome content coming. Much love brother

  6. Hi thanks for the very easy instructions. I was able to get the install and used the no limits build. I am not able to watch anything due to buffering or messages that no streams are available. Do you have a fix or updates for the buffering and no stream?

  7. Hi Aldren,
    Thanks for the video man. As always your every detailed. Question:
    When’s misfit mods going to update their builds for Kodi 18? I’m getting errors for the skins indicating their not compatible.


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