Perfect Setup for KODI – Zen Repo


New Repos discovered and provide an alternative to Exodus.
Step-by-Step guide to creating the perfect KODI SETUP.
Lots of Questions Answered. Zen Repository. New Phoenix resources investigated. October 2016


  1. how about porn repos. I like to jerk off in my living room while drinking my moanin joe. Nothin like a good fap in the mdiddle of a thanksgiven winteh

  2. You have a great channel with some fantastic content. I only discovered you recently. As for re-branding keep it simple. It’s nice that someone was generous, and made you an intro, but it is way too busy. I wouldn’t use that one unless you want to give someone a seizure, no offense to the artist who created it.

  3. I purchased the 2017 firestick now Amazon won’t let me go forward, should I create another account it won’t let es Explorer download or work it keeps saying i don’t have a account but I do

    • I had a similar problem. I basically had to cancel most of the stuff on my Amazon account and re-enter all credit card, address, etc. Then I went back into firestick and started from scratch and it worked. I think my address was different on my credit card or it was using an expired card…. worth a shot. Hope that helps

  4. Agreed with those not finding Zen. I followed your directions and the only thing in the Schism tv addons repo is something called EZ Maintenance. Has Zen gone the way of the dodo? Thanks for your vids BTW, Peter. You’ve been a great help all the way through my kodi experience. Very concise and informative, easy to follow instructions. I look forward to your live sports video. I have one that works already but options are always welcome.

  5. i love your videos but im having trouble with the background images. i added schism and when i download the images, i can’t find them.

    • Hi Peter thanks so much for getting back to me. But what I’m looking for is something from scratch. I just updated Kodi itself to the stable release 17.1 . I also have the Schism Build Anniversary Addition. My issue is the addon 123 movies, Zen is always giving me errors when I go to play a movie. Sometimes it will play and other times it does not. I seem to be having a lot of conflicts ? So I figure I try to start from scratch and only add the addons that would play nice together.

      Do you have any recommendations. Also thanks again for all the work you do with this.


  6. Anyone else getting the “preparing sources” dialog then nothing showing up? Having this problem on 2 out of 4 devices all with the same build and repos. Tried clearing providers, clearing cache, updating…nothing.

  7. Hi Peter. While watching movies or TV shows I get No Signal Press INPUT on your remote control, then select the device you want to view. Make sure the device is turned on! This happens often and the only fix is to unplug the power cord and plug it back in. I have tried a different HDMI cable and different HDMI port, and even tried changing the input label on the tv settings. I’d appreciate any direction you could provide. Thank you.


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