Newest Kodi Build *No Limits Magic * August 2017


Newest Kodi Build *No Limits Magic * August 2017


    • This does not determine intelligence it determines whether you are familiar with how to use Kodi from scratch. This tutorial is for people that don’t know how to work Kodi from scratch but want to and have the intelligence to be in rich jobs but not savvy about things like this. Perhaps YOU aren’t intelligent to realise that otherwise simply find a tutorial suitable for your level. This tutor is absolutely brilliant in his conciseness and that is what we want not having to scroll back “er, what did he say, what’s happened there” – continuing going backwards and forwards all the time. Stazitto, Capiche!!!!

  1. Next time see if you can cut all the waiting time out,most people are just looking for a quick view of what its like and the link to type in,which shoukd take no longer than a few minutes not 25min.

  2. Put this on my nvidia shield pro tv and kept crashing. So started fresh and installed the firestick light version and works as smooth as butter. Thank you 🙂

  3. Great video thank you, for people complaining its slow maybe they need to be on an expert site already ……… ungrateful assholes !!!!!!

    • Please help. Do I need “Amazon Fire Stick” or this a zip file that downloads all the movie suff repo files and then one just needs a VPN. Is that how it works, cos I’m a beginner and sort of getting it. Thanks please.

  4. I am waiting on my system to download,/upload so I thought I would tell you how much I appreciate the way you did this . I am not a computer wiz and appreciate you not doing this so fast that I missed critical parts of your instruction
    Some of the videos are about how fast the person can get done yours is really done well.

    • My mistake I’m using windows 7. I’m following your video step by step. I’ve tried the 2nd option and even the last 2 option. My mouse goes crazy so I uninstall the program, But would like to let you know it works great on my galaxy s5

  5. I have tried to do this build several times and I keep getting an error. I am entering exactly as you. Is the build not active anymore?

  6. Hi, great video, thanks for taking the time to go over every detail on this video.

    Do you(or anyone else) know under what name can I find this build in area wizard? Thank you

  7. I’ve factory reset my mxq box because it was running super slow and tried to download this setup but for some reason I don’t have the unknown sources in my add-on list? I can no longer watch anything on my box can anyone please help a brother out!!!

  8. Hello i need help i have this build on my firsestick how can i watch the fight for the 26 with out no problem,please help thanks in advance..


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