New FREE Live TV & Sport APK On Firestick Android No KODI No ADS


Hey guys welcome back in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how you can install the redboxTV application on your fire stick now I did cover this apk before but I didn’t show you the exact steps you need to follow to install it on a fire stick and my last video had so many questions with people wanting to know what was the exact procedure so basically as per normal I’ll go over the apk for the people that didn’t see it then I’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow to install it onto a fire stick so if you are looking for an apk with thousands of channels on all over the world in so many different categories I think you’ll find this one particularly good so with that being said let’s get started let me give you guys a quick overview of the app then I’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow to install it so the app is called Red Box TV and when you started this is what you see so you see there’s a menu going across the top for the different channel sections so you have sports science kids then you have some of the international channels under Indian Pakistani Malaysian South Indian Arabic UK USA you know Bangla Punjabi Indonesian Turkish Philippines winged heart now Iranian Sri Lankan Nepal French German Australian and then finally religious so you can see there’s a massive category of channels for you to choose from and if we just try some of these fights go back to the beginning so under sports for example you can see it’s not just what you saw here it’s actually all these as well so you have a massive I say hundreds and hundreds of channels per category for you to try out and now if you click on one of these as I said for example we want to look Sony the first time you launch this I’ll actually prompt you saying which a media player you have installed to play this content so you have either you know the standard Android player or MX player or three to one player so find out what you have already installed and then select or if you have any of these installed install it sigh for example of core MX Ferry installed so I’m gonna click on that and click on always that means I’m not gonna get prompted again and should always use that player to launch that channel ok that’s working fine let’s stop that ok so that’s a Sony six one so you can see guys there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of channels here for you to try out let’s try this ok let’s stop that one of the other good things you can do in this application is because you can see this is literally you know so many channels so once you find the chance that you’d wrigley you watch this if for example I regularly watch Cartoon Network if you hold press the the channel you have an option to add to favorites so let’s add Cartoon Network to favorites let’s add some Sky Sports 1 HD to my favorites and then let’s also add in let’s go on an international let’s try adding in our 2-0 into my favorites ok so we’ve got three channels and added into my favorites so now the next time I start this app I can just go into this favorites button here which is this heart icon and click on that and this disc is you could shortcut to my favorite channels nothing to click on these directly from here and I should automatically start playing the content looks fun you can see guys that app works really well it doesn’t really have any ads so I can see that might change in the future if you can update your version but definitely I can see at the moment I’m not seeing any adverts the app is working really fast it’s really reliable and now how you recommend that you put this on your Android devices and it also works fine on your Amazon fire sticks and fire TVs okay so to install the word box TV app on your Android box or your Android phone literally just press this website which is red box TV donor click on download for Android you’ll then get the prop that you know download this apk click on download and once that’s done we just click on the apk you’ll think at the option to install it which I’ll show you here we go so click on open join in storage click on next and click on install okay that’s done we can now click on open to install on a fire stick it’s gonna be a four-step procedure step one is to make sure you go to your settings device options developer options and make sure these two options are set to on if you’ve been installing apks for a while they’ll probably be on anyway but just double check that and make sure the birth set is on and that’s step one done step two is to download an application called downloader again you probably have already got this installed but if you haven’t just press left on the remote on the home screen click on search and then search for the app download or once you see that click on that click on download and that shouldn’t have be ready to use to get the mouse toggle you need to navigate to this address in download R which is HTTP colon four slash four slash bit ly four slash TDU KMS so type that in and click go this will automatically begin the download of the mouse toggle apk he didn’t second stall sir pressed down and to the right click install and now click open so when you’re going to Mouse toggle you’ll see that the two options at the top are both enabled which means that we’re enabling the mouse service and this will automatically star every time you fire firestick starts the key thing to look out is at the bottom where it says status we sort of make sure that says started so once I started then we know we’re ready to use our mouse to get the MX player onto your first egg use the download replication and navigate to this URL which is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit ly for /td UK MMS 0 to just type that in and click on go when you get to this page use the remote you’ll fire stick to come down and click on the latest version you see here at the time this video is dot seven let’s click on that this will commence the download ok click on next and click on install click on done ok let’s delete the apk click on delete again and still on the same website if you scroll down we don’t need to get a codec for MX player so press down a few more times ok so here under codecs you want to click on this one here which is the one for arm v7 let’s click on that now and click on install so you now have the MX player and the codec needed to run it that’s all done ok and to install the Red Box TV on to your fire stick once again if we start the download application and we want to navigate to this URL which is HTTP colon for size 4 slash red box TV dotnet I’m typing this on my wireless keyboard which i’ve reviewed recently if you want to check that out ok click on go and I should take you to this website when you get to the website if you just scroll down you wanna click on this download for Android so if you’re doing this I’m leading this with an air mouse which is why you can see my mouse moving here I’m just gonna click on it if you’re doing this just with the normal five circle remote control you just pressed down you’ll see the red cursor moving get onto this and then click here this will commence the download okay press down and then press right and click on install okay we can now click on open and just a gentle reminder guys if you are finding these videos use hoodoo hit that thumbs up and please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest apks the latest builds and the latest add-ons thanks and here is the red box tv up guys working fine on my second generation fire stick and just for a quick test run watch some things gave me a straw one of these channels just to make sure it’s working ok let’s try BT Sports one that I saw spraying pretty much straightaway and that’s a really good HD picture let’s back out this now just as I mentioned guys Fiona change here if you want to change your default player to another one you want to basically select the settings which is the COG wheel on the top right so using a normal five stick remote control you go to the top click on settings and here you can choose basically what is the video player that you have installed so in my case is MX player become change it to something else this is where you change it and that’s how you get red box TV working on your fire stick that’s it guys I hope you found that video useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out a VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one

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