This video ends with an install of exodus 6.0 6/04/2018


  1. Hi Mitch….I already have the “Super-Repo-4.0 version” will that still do the job?….P.S. Everything worked to the letter….you are a living legend!!!!:)….

    • +Heys Plays: Have you tried to update the URL on your Android box?. go to settings, scroll to basic and change it to either expert/advanced then go across to manage-dependencies, scroll down to URL….hold OK, click on information….move to update and click on the top one….hope this works….Alternatively click on the apps-store on your box-menu, then type Free-VPN….pick the best one that suits you….always activate it before you install a repo or add-on or when watching something….

  2. Hi Mitch not sure what happened when I got the Exodus the Colossal 9 9 9 9 didn’t work stated it’s broke I’m really sick of Exodus. Covenant works fine going to stick with Placenta works fine thanks I really just can’t deal with Exodus anymore thanks again for all that you do have a blessed weekend

    • Thanks for the reply much appreciated love everything your doing ! People keep smacking that thumbs up that’s why these guys keep doing what they do. Keep It Thumbs Up .

    • Hey Mitch I started watching you about 6 months ago when a DirecTV salesman recommended your honesty in good family entertainment (& Getting a cheap fire stick to start out with). Now that you’ve advanced me from a standard to a expert client is there better Kodi equipment to look into?

    • +Joe Troiani: I thought exactly the same thing….and even when you click the TK-Norris version below (which is the right one to go for)….it still prompts the CrazyMazies-version: 666 as an available update which then fails….and if you try to uninstall the crazymazies-version it uninstalls Exodus altogether….

  3. Hello, I noticed I followed the steps and when it got to the last two steps things seemed different. For example, when you went back to “my add-ons” in search for “MetallicQ” I noticed I didn’t have that add-ons. Did I miss a step? I followed every step play by play. Help please? Not sure if that’s a much needed last step. Everything else (Exodus & Covenant) is installed.

  4. Hi i have followed the instructions on the video & when it asks to scroll down to metalliq after pressing video addons its not there any advice

  5. The metalliQ didn’t come up but I came out of everything except my add ons, clicked on covenant selected a tv show and it works fine 😊

  6. I got to the colossus part but it tells me Colossal stopped and there is a x next to it, I followed your instructions per your video, What now?

  7. Hi Mitch’s i can’t prossig after install the ..Freeword kodi repository.. clicking it show this msg “Could not connect to repository”. what can i do ? need reboot my kodi jarvis 16.1 ??

  8. Will this notify you when it needs updates… so sick of kodi builds. I hope this works all I need is something to watch tv shows and movies. I’m bout to give up on kodi


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