New APK for Global IPTV, Firestick and ALL devices, NO KODI! Sept 2017


Hey guys Techdoctor here and what is it you see on your screen is this some amazing paid IPTV service where pretty much all of the channels work straight away there’s no buffering most of the channels are in HD and everything just works no it’s not guys this is a free application now discovered which works perfectly fine on your fire sticks fire TVs and all of your Android devices so with that being said let’s get started let me give you guys a quick overview of the application then I’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow to install air so the app is called embrace Fourier g7 I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly so if anybody doesn’t have the correct way to pronounce here please mention in the comments below so if we just start this application up so the app let’s have a bit of a quirk when you first start here but and it can be quite fiddly however once you know how to do it it’s very straightforward to use okay so wait for the application to load now what the app does is it loads the last channeled I was looking at it’s in this case or some cartoons now what’s actually happened is there’s an advert that’s being displayed but we can’t see it so the way we get around that is is we have to start the mouse toggle so we just double press the play button on your remote to bring up the mouse we can see there is on the corner there now if you just click anywhere on the screen this will now bring up the channel list okay we can now see the channel list you can now basically just close down the mouse toggle so if we just double press the play again or press it three times until it disappears basically until you can see the the circle for the mouse toggle disappear okay we can see it’s disappeared now now we can just use the normal up and down to navigate through these channels so if we press left on the remote we can see these are the categories that the add-on has or sorry that the application has so we go beam sports beam movies ad sports an oil set OSN and then he got some of the regions around Alessio Europe Brazil unknown turkey Africa Germany Afghanistan Spain France India and as you can see pretty much every every location or you know pretty much all regions around the world are covered here so now if you’re not watching it these so let’s say for example we want to watch some Italian channels so if you just click on that once okay now if you press back once on the remote now that he’s used the up and down buttons on the remote to go through these days so let’s say for example I want to watch the Cartoon Network I can click on that okay so this scatter that we can see so when you do see that ver just press back when you remote once and I will disappear okay and here is a Italian cotton eternal now one the other things you can do is if you press up and down on your remote this will automatically navigate through other channels in the same category and as you can see pretty much as soon as I press down is getting to the next channel it’s loading very quickly there’s no buffering that we can see and it works really well okay press down again training again okay that’s all working fine okay so if you want to change category if you press the left arrow on the remote we get the category list again so if you press left again to bring up the pop-up now let’s say for example we want to watch some channels let’s go for Europe okay so now inside Europe we press back again okay so now let’s say for example you want to watch some let’s try some Bloomberg okay let’s click on that we can see that comes up pretty much straight away and that’s actually a really nice HD picture so you can see guys this application works really well all she doesn’t need Kodi it is a little bit fiddly with the controls but like I said once you get the hang of fair you can deal with your eyes closed and I think it’s actually a really good application which is working fine on fire sticks fire TVs and obviously on all of your Android devices okay so to install this on your Android TV box or your Android phone or Android tablet it’s very very easy all you need to do is open up the Play Store and then search for the app Embera Toria g7 and should be the first one in the results let’s click on that click on install click on accept and that commences the download ok that’s now done we can now click on open so as you can see guys the installation is a lot easier than what it is for the fire stick for the first thing we have to do a couple of things we have to enable the some options in developer options we have to install the mouse toggle if we don’t really have it and then finally we have to install the apk so three steps for firestick compared to just one step for your normal Android boxes or Android phones ok we can click on open and here is our app okay let’s try one of these quickly I hope that’s working fine okay let’s stop that so we need to turn on some options on your fire stick or fire TV which will basically allow your device to install things from other places other than the Amazon store so you may have these options already disabled but what you want to do if you’ve never done this if you navigate over to settings then inside settings we want to click on device now under the developer options which is the second list you’ll see there’s two things in here so by default both of these are turned off so all you want to do is click on them and then click on the second one and you’ll get this prompt saying are you sure you wanna turn this on you click on turn on so both should be left as on and this will allow your device to install apks all false from other sources okay so the first thing we need to do is download an application called download or so to do this on your fire stick or fire TV if you just go to the search option which is on the left from the home screen and here if you enter in the word download okay so D oh I’m sure you can spell download do W you can we see download in the list let’s click on that and in the search results if you go under app and games it’s this orange application area called download or let’s click on that now okay and click on download so this is a great application so not only can you paste in links or typing links to download apks and Falls it also has a built in browser so you can actually go to for example at the web page of Cody find the file you want to download and click on download so it’s a downloading application and the Browse are all in one and we can see it downloaded very quickly so it doesn’t take long okay so here you want to type in the URL so just click the mouse so if you click the remote here and you can now type in bit ly so the so here is the complete URL so it’s HTTP colon forward slash four slash bit ly four /td UK by PT v01 once you’ve typed that in if you just click on go okay so if you get this mess you can click on okay that’s fine okay so now we want to move the mouse also remove the remote down press down a few times until you get to this green button and you want to click on that this will commence the download onto your fire stick okay when you see this message if you just click on install give us down a few times and press write go and install and click on OK this will commence they installed and guys can’t just say if you are finding these videos useful do hit the thumbs up and also think about subscribing because I will be doing a lot more application reviews apk reviews very soon thanks ok that’s now done we can click on done now I back inside download ah you’ll get the option to delete the apk this is very important because as we know there’s not much storage on the fire stick so if you keep on downloading lots of apks you’re trying a lots of things that’s great but if you don’t go go back and actually delete these apks eventually you just run out of space so what downloader does at the end of each download once it knows you’ve installed the file it will give you the option do you want to delete this fall so we can click on delete now week in that way get some space back let’s click on delete and click on delete again ok so now if we go back to the home screen you’ll see that you won’t see the application in your apps and games so the way you see that is if you go down to apps and games if did you navigate way to the right until you see see all like a city’s all the applications that I have installed at the moment if I scroll down to the bottom here we can see there Vittoria g7 if you press the options button which is the hamburger menu which looks like this thing here if you press that you have the option to move to the front or move to front let’s click on that and this will bring that to the top of your application list so now when we go back to the home screen we can see the application is here for us to use many apks need a virtual mouse to work properly so to get that on your fire stick if we use the downloader application and this is the short address we can use to download a virtual mouse which is called a mouse toggle so the dress is HTTP colon four slash four slash bit dot ly for /td UK ms so we type that in and click on go this will start downloading straightaway okay so we’re gonna click on install now that’s now installed okay and as I mentioned before before we try and open that up if we click on done again we’ll have the option to delete so we should always do that once we install ie pk’s go back in to download and delete them this will allow us to save space on our fire stick so click on delete and click on delete again I wicking our space back ok so if we go back out of this and we now want to find the mouse toggle so if we go into your apps and games go to the end click on see all we should find mouse toggle at the bottom ok let’s click on that so when you’re going to Mouse toggle you’ll see that the two options at the top are both enabled which means that we’re enabling the mouse service and this will automatically start every time you fire firestick starts the key thing to look out is at the bottom where it says status we sort of make sure that says started so once I started then we know we’re ready to use our mouse that’s it guys I hope you found that video useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in a VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out our VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one

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