Press the bell icon on the YouTube and never miss another hello guys this is called the best bill with you again with another great video so yesterday we were running on installing the Frank Scotti bill as you can see here guys but today we’re gonna move to another great bill called narrow Kodi bill narrow Kodi bill is like cinema Kodi built from steven’s wizard as you can see here guys I’m gonna change the normal skin of Kodi to show you how to install this great Kodi built in your device it’s gonna make your device looking great looking like the PlayStation skin PlayStation 3 so but don’t forget guys here to subscribe to my channel and to thumbs up here and follow me and the social media visit my website file manager and click on add source then copy and paste address to not miss any anything as you can he see here guys so click OK here name it Illuminati or whatever so ello just type okay then press back again to the home page and scroll down to add-ons then click here in this little box in the top and click install from zip file so this message you’re gonna pop up if your code is brand new and you don’t have anything in your kodi your message gonna pop up here and ask you to allow the unknown sources allowed a noun announcer scissors and press okay yes it’s not a big deal it’s not a great problem then pleat here so I’ll click it the second one the last version one point two it’s going to be installed in repositories then go to install from it repository as you can see here a luminary add-on installed you click on it and repositories so as you can see here guys with me then click on program add-ons and click on Illuminati wizard install it so it’s install open it just dismiss these things so here if you want to keep your sources your profiles your things your receptor favorites and click continue ignore this so here click on build menu so you got maintenance and turn its whole save account in full and with our support and settings click on it Amara rebuilds then you got here a great list of the working car builds so there is a lot of things you can get here so let’s go to our build here you found it at the top of the page Nero version it’s really a great bill it looks the same as the cinema bill by Steven I think the developer of this bill getting inspired for from Steven so here you got the fresh install if you got a previous build installed in your kodi and if you’re new to Kodi and your call Kodi is empty you can get a standard install and install it so here let’s do fresh install because I have a previous version on my device I had francs bill so it’s clearing all the vials and gonna replace them by the new ones so but don’t forget guys to subscribe in my channel and thumbs up in the video leave me your comment down the section in the comment section that way we’re gonna know what thing you’re interested more and what bills you like and what things you like so that way I can help you and reply you with the great solutions and help you more and more and more so see you soon after the download is completed you’re gonna back after ten minutes as you can see here it’s nine minutes steel so as you can see here guys the download is completed and structuring the file is completed chill and now first close your Kodi to enjoy narrow Kodi build in your device so here guys you got movies is really a great card bill to get in your Amazon first Sikh or your Nvidia shield or your Android TV box here you got the movie section as you can see here Justice League all these movies are great and nice to watch so let’s try any one so here you got the list of the links if you wanna stream from any let anyone so if you got this message and if you wanna peer your device with real debris just cancel its gonna move to the next one cancel until you find the working link without pairing your device as you will see with me here that’s it I got this link without pairing my device with reality bread so it works and I stopped it and pressed back so here you got the add-ons as you can see here are closed dead streams maverick supremacy placenta Neptune risin and the Monster Mash and here you got TV shows section they got also the same errands as movies I let’s serve the TV shelves we got so the Big Bang Theory and counterpart Grace Anthony and games of Thrones and here Star Trek discovery got Vikings and he got a lot of TV shows let’s try Vikings here we got seasons 1 & 2 & 3 season 4 and the last one is 5 here you got the episodes if you wanna enjoy any episode press on it and then here then you get the links from placenta accordions and I wish you a happy streaming I wish you a happy Sunday enjoy it at home without any problem I wish you to be safe and happy and having a good time and subscribe to my channel for more daily videos for more help for more stuff about Kodi Android boxes IPTV and things so here it’s working Vikings as you can see here that stop it and back so here we got kids as you can see here kids section as you can enjoy your family time or you’ll leave your kids enjoy in this section it’s really a great section for them just keep calm and don’t make noise so here we got sports you got the random MMA collection boxing kickboxing it got braceland football one thing so here we got our owns all the add-ons here we get also terrarium TV as you can see here it’s a great career around here we got an elector wizard so and then you got settings then music as you can see here the new albums new songs and search you got a big library of music so here we go this is narrow coda build installed in your Amazon fire stick Nvidia shell or Android TV box or Windows so enjoy this Kodi build in your device and thumbs up in the video leave your comment down below and thanks for watching see you tomorrow at the same time