Most Complete Kodi Setup For August Sept 2017


This is the Most Complete Kodi Setup for August Sept 2017. This build will give you free movies, TV shows, Kids programming, Sports, PPV, XXX and more all in one build.
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  1. After the install a pop up box tells me to force close Kodi by unplugging the power unit for 15 seconds then plug back in and launch Kodi. After I do that the build doesn’t show up, and my Kodi is still in stock form. What should I do

    • blkphoto I didn’t have that option. When I restarted the device it was as though I had just installed KODI, the add on wasn’t there. Went through the steps again using server 1 instead of server 2 (even though it was longer) and that worked. Now the only thing that plays is adult content. Movies/tv shows don’t even give the stream options. I’ve tried through each addon( Exodus, covenant, elysium, etc)
      I’m on a smart tv… Is there a fix?

  2. I just installed the built successfully, but…
    7.18 – Not a single movie starts after clicking the movie icons that a re above the “MOVIES” section?? What do I need to do more?

  3. I have a question. To install Kodi do I do this from a computer or plug the stick in the TV. This is so new to me. Which is quicker, and easier?

  4. Will this also work for my Apple TV? I’m able to download it. But when i restart my Apple TV the build isn’t there. But I do have some of the add ons


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