kodi Jarvis 16.1how fix no picture no sound on playback video


How to fix kodi Jarvis 16.0 and 16.1 NO picture or NO sound when you to play a video link from a addons we also show you how to fix in Windows help is from Kewltv updater app for Android device. Get it now and be up and watch kodi instead for trouble shooting all the time .

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email us:info@kewltv.net

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  1. I have an M8 android tv box. I have the new jarvis/kodi. I have tried to play movies on “channel1 and also on joker” none of these add ons will play or have sound. message always pops saying video will not play check for more information. could someone please help me thanks.

  2. I’m running an M8 media box and my sound in kodi Jarvis 16.0 doesn’t work anymore. I’ve tried all the tricks in these videos and its not working still.

  3. I’m having same inssue but those options where already turned off… none of my addons will load videos.. worked earlier today???

  4. Hi : Im on pc windows 10, I have kodi 16.1, there is sound no video.. I have try a acceleration few tiomes, and still no video
    Any one know if tthere is other way to fixe it ?

  5. It seems to have worked for me. Thank you. Do you know how to stop the next channel from playing when the one you chose to play isn’t available? Thanks 🙂

  6. After i installed a usb stick on xiaomi tv box(working like an internal storage) , i lost video and audio, but your way fixed my issues! Thank you

    • make sure you are not running kodi 17 if so uninstall kodi 17 and make sure you trun off the automatic updates on the Googles play store and then run the kewltv app again and it will ask you to install kodi 16.1 and all will work the build will not work on kodi 17 and up for now .


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