Kodi Configurator: Amazon Fire Stick (Setup Kodi Wizard)


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  1. Great video but the Kodi Config is NOT worth $10 month. And they get your email too? I will pass on that. Keep up the great work!

  2. just installed kodi configurator, I set up a pay pal acct w automatic renewal….. I still have not yet received an  email w my username and password… any help appreciated.. thanks

  3. hi Onil, i tried every step on the video and i installed the APK thru ADbfire but it seems like the apk file is still not compatible with at least my firestick, maybe my version is differnt than yours, i have firetv stick version 54.12.1. ( when i run Kodi COnfigurator on my firetv stick i dont get the area to put in my email all i get is the city/ country/ terms/ and create account button)… please help and thank you for all your help i check your channel everyday

  4. I’d appreciate if you could do a video with your Top 20 Video Add-ons, since you have lots of experience with which ones work and don’t work???

  5. TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT.. They want $9.98 per month, when fucking IPTV Stalker is 105.00 per year.. WTF ?????? REALLY ??????

  6. hey caz how the hell are u suppose to see where your email is on that on mine when i go to create account i cant see the email spot

    • Josh Loy… i wouldnt reccomend you to buy one and put kodi on it if you want to watch live tv   … kodi sucks when it comes to live tv it freezes up consently ….. but then again kodi tv isn’t goood to use on a fire stick anyways because fire stick dont have much memory to them you have to use clean master every day or every couple hours to clean up the fire stick because kodi tv builds up memory on the stick way too fast…

    • good point… in fact, on speaking with the company, they sent me an update for this program to makek another video, so hopefully between tonight and the next 24 hours i’ll have it posted. DON’T KILL THE MESSANGER! lol i’m just the guy that tell everyonne and keep you guys up to date as possible. But +Matthew Hanes I thank you for your opinion and i invite you to like my FB Page (link in description) and send me information as it comes to you so that I can better update this community. Thx in advance!

  7. Pressing start to install brings up a window that says i need to update to the latest version and takes me to the appstore to purchase the paid version. is the free version no longer available?

  8. hey caz I didn’t download this yet but I just watched…so that get more add ons I can get any I want? that basically cuts out that repo stage when we did on the g box?

  9. Hey Caz. hoping everything is well, I’m trying to find the ABD file I don’t see the link
    if any hep keep me posted please

    • +Jason Blythe well depends on how versed you are in kodi. The Beast build is great and easy to use. If you want more content go with spinz TV or schism v2. All of those will make the configurator app look like nothing.

    • Im a little new to Kodi, at the minute only really use phoenix – would be happy to add more sources etc like phoenix to provide more movies/sports/music etc.  But if required im happy to install a new build – what you recommend for movies/sports etc?


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