KODI 2017: How to Fix Video Buffering Issue using Advanced Setting Program Addon XBMC / KODI Review


KODI 2017: How to Fix Video Buffering Issue using Advanced Setting Program Addon XBMC / KODI Review

Link to Download Program Addon:

KODI Wiki:

Here are some examples:

Example 1

All three options enabled, using local hard drive for cache.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 0
readbufferfactor 30

Example 2

Only cache size changed, using 100MB of RAM for cache (which requires 300MB of free RAM).

cachemembuffersize 104857600

Example 3

Two options enabled, using 50MB of RAM for cache (which requires 150MB of free RAM), and cache both internet, LAN, and local content.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 52428800

Example 4

A safe setting for most devices with 1GB of RAM that should help most users "on the edge". All protocols get cached, cache rate fills up pretty much as fast as possible, and cache size is 150MB, using 400MB of ram total.

buffermode 1
cachemembuffersize 157286400
readbufferfactor 20

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  1. Nareth sorry but why do you make the video a 100x times? why not write a topic in the kodi forum?
    And also “Kodi 2016” is a bad title, since krypton and leia the settings doesnt work anymore because they a moved!.

    – And for all who has this problem: DONT INSTALL ADDONS TO FIX A PROBLEM!!!
    – Dont modify cache settings until you are sure that you have to do it…
    – Most buffering are source related problems. So when you have 3 streams with 1080p and they runs fine and the 4. not
    then it isnt a cache problem at all.
    – Do the calculation by hand.: (( / 3) *1024 * 1024 ) + 1

  2. i can’t find it anymore please help
    i downloaded the zip file from external web site but when i try to install it , boom fail
    please help me how to install it manually

  3. Naresh, very much thanks for this! Your video is based on doing this on the windows computer, I’m on a 2GB FireTV. I will use the same values to check and let you know the results

    • +Luis B is it buffering on IPTV or videos try to change link if possible and also how are you connected on my device WiFi, Ethernet

    • @Naresh Lal
      It is live TV, and I did try different links, but nothing. It is a PC connected to a 1 GB Ethernet, so I’m sure the Internet is not the problem 🙂


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