Kodi 17 Setup – Confluence Skin and Best Streamer Add-ons


How to change KODI 17.0 to look like KODI 16.1 and manually install popular add-ons: Specto, Zen, Exodus, Phoenix, Bob and cCloud all in one ultra compact configuration.


  1. Hi thanks for the video but i suggest that you go a lil slower. and to say everything you are doiing step by step. I had to go back and forth to see what you are going,

    • Yes, Zen is dead… It is now called Elysium.. The KODI world is in significant turmoil. Just a recap….Exodus has gone through a lot in the last 3 months. Its developer, Lamda, retired from the public eye and was going to shut down Exodus, but TVAddons, makers of Indigo and formerly XBMC Hub said that they would maintain it. Now TVAddons is being sued by Dishnetworks and many addons and developers have bailed out in the wake of this. Phoenix, gone. One242415…gone. Zen has been resurrected as Elysium… So it wasn’t the upgrade that got you, it is a symptom not the cause.

  2. Hi when I try download 100 most downloaded add ones it gives me no content found…..sorry no content……your search criteria.
    What can I do?

  3. When clicking on the Kodi addons tab I get a flip down list of all my video addons. The problem is in the past when clicking on the Kodi video add on tab I would get a menu of the video add-ons in thumbnail view. How can I get back to you viewing my add-ons in thumbnail view. I’m currently using Cody version 16.1 thank you


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