KODI 17.3 Easiest Way to get KODI 17.3 Installed on Firestick!! Complete Walkthrough JUNE 2017


The Easiest Way to Install KODI 17.3 Krypton on your Firestick!! Keep your Existing Addons for JUNE 2017
Jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV Stick!!

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Complete Setup Guide for Firestick that anyone can follow:
– How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick
– Install the Best Kodi Build with Top 100 Addons
– Includes Best Addons, Programs & Repos
– Install Kodi 17.1 Krypton from new easy to use source
– Watch New Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports & more
– Works with any device: Android, Windows, Fire Stick, Fire TV, etc.
– Easy Setup Guide with step-by-step instructions
– Full Tutorial to Optimize Fire Stick settings
– Install ES File Explorer
– Kodi Website update

Official Kodi source:

Link for No Limits Builds (Source 1):

Link for No Limits Builds (Source 2):

Link for No Limits Builds (Source 3):

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Builds by Kodi No Limits (Both Krypton 17.1 & Jarvis 16.1):
★No Limits Magic (Adult)
★No Limits Magic (Family)
★No Limits FireStick Lite (Adult) – For 1GB Device
★No Limits FireStick Lite (Family) – For 1GB Device

Kodi 17 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

Also includes Live TV, Free IPTV Stalker, TVAddons and Live Sports. Channels like: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, C-SPAN, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Kodi Solutions, Bravo, Toon, TV Land, TNT, TMC, AMC, ASBYT, TBS, FX, Sci-Fi, Science, Discovery, NASA, History, Hallmark, Lifetime, Mystery, SoapNet, Romance, Shopping Network, MTV, Newtechevolution, Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN

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  1. I upgraded to 17.3 with no limit build on 2nd gen firestick it’s much slower any solutions? And how could no one find this bug in the previous kodi build So? Something is really messed up that no one found this bug, oh well.

  2. Evolve Keeps coming up with an error plus No Pictures above Menu. Any fixes for that? Thank you for your hard work.

  3. 95% of the way through the process I am asked to force close by disconnecting the power cord of the Fire Stick. Lost it all. Starting over. This 750 step process makes it almost worth paying or waiting for everything! #firstworldproblems # don’tevenwanttowatchafrigginmovienow

    • I did the same thing. Don’t unplug it. Instead, hit the home button twice and select settings from the home screen. Select Apps and scroll down to manage installed apps. Then find KODI and select it. Select Force Close. It will not do anything. No visual saying it closed it, but it did. After that, you can load Kodi and it will work. I’m still playing with it and had to do several different tutorials to try to get it working. This tutorial works as long as you don’t unplug it.

      I also want to note that the initial start up is slow and painful. It took about 20 minutes to set up initial settings in the background. It can take a few to get a movie to start. The spinning wheel can test your patience, but once the movie starts it works fine and you have total control (Stop, rewind, pause).

      Hope you got yours working.

    • witstang YAAAAYYYY….Thank you so much….MINE DID THE SAME THING…thankfully I found a comment that made sense and somtn told me to try your method and it did work….Thank you!!! YOUR TRICK WORKED? lol…I’m just so excited that it finally worked?don’t mine me??

  4. After I hit install zip no limits wizard it says fail to install from zip file??? What am I doing wrong I entered all the passages?

    • The server is overloaded. Try installing No Limits Firestick Lite in the middle of the night when fewer people are online.

  5. New to firestick and kodi- and after closing out the kodi app completely I was FINALLY able to download the nolimitswizard. Thanks for the comment section for the help getting this down!!

  6. I’m lost! Got as far as the Add ons….it is nowhere! Anyone have any ideas? I’m bummed, I thought for sure this was the video that was right!


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