Jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV stick ! Easiest and fastest method! Mid 2017 (Install Kodi)


How to jailbreak the amazon fire tv stick Updated April 2017

Here is the new updated mid 2017 version of the fire stick jailbreak
This is the fastest, most easiest, and most effective way to jailbreak/root/unlock your amazon fire tv stick. No computer or laptop required for this. (install Kodi with no computer)

In the video I teach you step by step how to get started and install Kodi on your amazon fire tv stick using an app called ES explorer!
Once you have Kodi (Krypton version) installed I show you what repo you are going to need to add in order to get the video add-on we are looking for. The name of the add-on is Specto-Fork and this is where you can go to access all sorts of free movies and tv shows/seasons and it has an option for live tv!
I tried to keep the video very simplified so that anyone can do this!
I go step by step from A to Z

Here are some links to amazon streaming devices that this will work with (affiliated):

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  1. Anyone else having trouble with the es file explorer not being there? Iv done this with two other fire sticks and they worked fine but it’s not showing up now

  2. I am an aged lady…and i am going to try this…does it matter that I use my real name and credit card for my Amazon account…

    • +Anna B Tsa’toke Its fine to use your real amazon account, I use mine
      You don’t have to worry about getting scammed or hacked. No one but amazon will see your info

  3. when i click on .spec on install from zip file it does nothing and I’ve tried it more than once still nothing

  4. It gets stuck on .Spec. I left it alone thinking it was my internet connection cause it was acting up. So just left it alone so this morning still stuck. Help please!!!!

  5. Video becomes useless at 8:45 because that link will not work. It said that it could be because im not connected toa network, but i am connected.


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