Install XBMC KODI on a USB Flash Drive (DIY)


Running XBMC KODI from a USB Flash Drive. Cut cable. Free TV


  1. If the Kodi icon does not appear after in installation, you can add it manually by opening the Ceedo Menu, Clicking on all programs, clicking on Kodi and right clicking on the name of the application. then click pin to start

  2. Hi, my question is kinda stupid but i want to know if there is any posibility that i can install kodi in my Samsung TV which has Full HD, Internet connectivity (wifi) and 3D feature but its not an android smart tv 🙂

    • Peter Carcione hi sir I was trying to get away from the fire stick that I am using I also have a sony tv is it possible to install kodi on that tv.

    • Ah, stay tuned. I am working with a new piece of software that enables virtual environments of KODI to be created on a USB drive and it works with 10. Should be launching soon (before Christmas)

  3. Hi Peter, Love your videos. I used the U3 from scan disk that was out some years ago that had ran apps and there were hacks on it. Not sure what ever happened to it but I did like the concept off it having your pass codes locked and running browsers and apps which did seem at the time safe. I noticed that your had this thumb drive out sometime ago. Is this something that will work mac as well as PC? and I see you mentioned your working for this to work with win 10 which I have. Do you have a list of apps and tools that will work on Ceedo? why web apps? tools?
    Big Thanks and keep up the good work?

  4. Hi Peter
    I installed credo onto my usb but when I go to program directory it goes the credo web site which tells me the credo apps are no longer available. also their homepage is now different from the one you show on your video. help!

  5. so i have a question i downloaded ceedo an it said it doesnt work for my windows 10 computer what is another option please help me out i have kodi on the computer but wanna run it threw my flash drive to my tv

    • Lots of reasons. Lots of people have a work/school computer and you are not supposed to install others applications on. This way you could use your favorite app on a resource that is manged or even locked.


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