Install SilenceROM Wizard add-on (The Best Kodi Build Ever)


Install the SilenceROM Wizard addon xbmc/kodi and experience the best ever skin and configuration with one click.

Download plugin:

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Third Download option:

Official forum:

"EASILY setup your Kodi with the Configurator for Kodi Windows or Android wizard. Configurator is RATED #1 setup wizard on Google Play and has everything (FULLY-LOADED) you need to get and keep your setup running SUPERBLY!
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  1. Can this be modified to add Spanish iptv add ons and apps?
    And would this run smooth on a Amazon fire stick?

    • +Jose Luis Barajas Yes, can be adjusted to suit your needs, I’ve changed mine to include UK iptv etc. Running on a Fire stick & box

    • +John Winder Hi John could you point me in the direction of any working links for uk iptv .. ive got a few hundred links ive checked and i can only get mtv dance and hits to run perfect .. im after some normal ones like sky one etc .. any help would be appreciated mate cheers

    • Cheers yotoprules for some reason now when i uploaded my build to my own wizard and reinstalled from again .. i now have full working iptv stalker rip .. i dont know how but im not complaing and neither are my customers lol

  2. Hi solo man I have question I downloaded this plug in I only had 1 choice it was the latest version I installed I have all the addons an new skin but I don’t have anything under live tv or videos. Do this come already configured.

    • It’s well WORTH it Yvonne, you won’t regret it. If you get to a brick wall and can’t move no forward, let me know and i will do a couple of setups on boxes.

    • I am stuck now I installed it I see the new skin but no pre installed addons in front where I just click on an see what’s on it.

    • +Yvonne Hunter Hello Yvonne. I have loaded this on Isengard on mx2 box and got the same problem. No sub menus or picture backgrounds and 1 addon. Someone mentioned unplugging the power cord to force close it. I did this and so-far things are working. Once you install everything and get the ok prompt thats when i unplug my box. Really nice setup.

  3. It sounds like I’m having the same problem with this as everyone else. Guess I can re-try, power off the box, then a force close from start menu.

    • I got it. I am using an android tv box. I went to home screen-settings-apps-kodi force close. When I powered back on, it came up. Thanks though. It’s a good looking build.

    • +Yvonne Hunter Thanks to your post … using amazon fire tv box , when prompted to force close just by hitting home button, entering settings, applications, manage installed applications, and click kodi icon… force close… then launch applications worked on point …this is different than the fire stick … because clicked ok then disconnect hard by pulling cord which works fine on stick but not the same apparently on amazon box. thank you for your success and special thanks to you Solo Man for your true dedication to making us hobbiest happy …

  4. i have only “SilenceROM Wizard” for install !!?? No Skin is on it? please help me . there is NO Build 54 ???
    Fire TV Stick

  5. how can i install this to a box (google nexis)? its very complicated to browse the internet on it to click the link so im looking for a source url to “add source” in kodi

  6. Does anyone know how to get the silence Rom “Skin” in 2017 without the addons or the entire wizard. Just simply the skin. The skin was one of the best kodi skins I’ve ever seen and its a shame its no where to be found now


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