Install Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV (no weird downloads)


Amazon Fire TV/Stick is a wonderful Android device which is perfect for running Kodi. Here is how you get it to install without Root and without downloading any "Weird" PC applications.

Here's a site that shows how to add the Kodi icon to your Kindle FireTV/FireStick.
I have tried it but did not download the LLama program from his site. I downloaded it on my phone and transferred it using a backup program like I used in the sideloading video. I don't trust downloading programs from anywhere but there original source.


    • would there be a problem if I set up the amazon fire stick at a friends house using there ip address would it work later at my house with a different ip address without me having to do anything extra to it

    • +Marco Torres Nope. Not a problem. Your network wont be found and it will ask you for another. Once you pick one and authenticate, you’re in. 

    • I’ve never used fire stick before, when I purchase it, do I have to sign in to my Amazon account? And if I were to do this would there be a chance they will charge my Amazon account ?

  1. Of course, you have to know that if you change your settings in your file explorer to show hidden items, the AppData folder would be visible.

  2. Okay, I got it installed, it comes up on the fire stick BUT ALL OF THE LIBRARIES ARE EMPTY! How do I get anything in them that isn’t on my computer already? What do I need to do to source this information???? :/ 🙁 🙁

  3. hey Peter I was watching your information on how to install kodi from your computer.  Please advise me how to get the Firestik on my computer so I can  install kodi.   Sorry I am  not  computer savvy.  but I can follow directions pretty well.

  4. I’m trying to watch a series, CHUCK, they let me watch 1, can’t get  the rest of the series on. Any suggestions? And we get for free once, and next time they want us to purchase it! makes no sense!!

  5. When i typed in adb install and copy the link, it gives me the error; says no device /emulators found
    Failed to get the feature set: no devices/emulators found
    Waiting for device


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