Detailed explanation about what's needed to install Kodi on your smart TV.



Sony Bravia Android Smart TV:

LG Google TV:


  1. i like most of your tips and tricks for kodi, but completely disagree with you on this particular point.
    and so many others on here are missing the point completely. first, you do NOT have to have an android tv to run kodi on it. there are several ways to put kodi on almost any smart tv. i will not go into many of them for obvious reasons, so google it. but there is an even easier way, and that is to just connect your computer to your tv, and run kodi. i do not understand the whole streaming box revolution. it’s moronic. they are all inch by inch becoming full computers, if you go back to their beginning and watch their evolution. so why would you go through all that ridiculousness, instead of just using a computer from the jump???? hooking up your laptop to your smart tv is no different than hooking up a streaming box. you plug it into your hdmi port, and voila, you have every streaming capability any of those boxes offer, including kodi.
    i have a gaming laptop, with high end processor and high end nvidia graphics card. add to that 32gb’s of very fast sport ddr memory and you have ten times what any of those boxes offer anyway. i went into power options, and set my laptop to do nothing when the lid is closed. now my laptop sits right under my 55″ smart tv, with the lid closed, and fully functioning when i chose hdmi #3. nothing beats the entire functionality of a top of the line laptop, not those ridiculous boxes, and not even the other apps on your smart tv. so do yourselves a favor, save your money and think outside the box.

    • No you don’t have to have a dedicated TV Box to run Kodi. It’s also no secret you can run Kodi from a laptop that has HDMI out and connect it to a TV. All that being said, I can purchase an Android TV Box with 2 GB RAM and a quad core CPU running at about 1.5 GHZ for $36 delivered. They run Kodi very well and are very responsive. They also stream 1080p video flawlessly. At $36 I set them up and give them to friends and family as gifts. I can’t do that with a laptop. If one requires a TV Box run a version of Windows then those are available too. Many are available for around $100 and some dual boot Windows / Android. I believe a reasonably priced Android TV Box is the better solution. Not everyone has a laptop laying around they can leave attached to their TV but most can afford a decent Android TV Box. BTW….. Android TV Boxes were ALWAYS computers NOT becoming computers through evolution. They are simply getting better over time.

    • would you give me a little more information on where to get this and I have a Roku sharp Smart TV 50 inch. On the screen it has two HDMI and an antenna box to choose I use the second one for TV. Currently have cable and want to drop it. Should I upgrade my Router? I notice things are slow. And then I do not need a modem? Appreciate any help here. And thanks for idea and information. One other thing. What speed and data would I need? I seems like I wouldn’t be downloading would I ? Or would it stream like TV. You can tell how much I understand this is all new to me..

    • That is because you’re using an external device. Kodi CAN NOT be installed on smart tv’s WHATSOEVER unless it’s an android OS.

    • El video fue para que no pierdas mas tiempo de mierda mirando videos en YouTube de como instalar Kodi en los Smart TV’s ya que no es posible. Pero claro fue en Ingles y aparentemente no entiendes ni mierda de tal idioma. Esta es la primera vez que escribo una mala palabra pero me sacaste la piedra con tu mensajito.


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