Install Kodi 17(Krypton) on any Android TV Box


In this video, I show you another step by step way to enter Kodi onto your Android TV Box. Kodi 17 is starting to pick up up steam with many builders sending their builds to this latest program.

Install Kodi 17:

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  1. Hi. So i followed your video. All installed. But when I now open kodi. It starts to load then take me back to home screen. Any ideas??

  2. Anytime I download a build from Ares wizard it keeps saying skin could not be loaded. Files missing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled kodi 4 times and still get the same message, any ideas?

  3. its bullshit because you cant install/run Krypton 17 on anything other than Android Marshmallow 6 or above, so its not going to be compatible with 5 or below, so why are you saying ANY android box ?

    • you can get kodi 17… go to and download mygica for 4.4.2 and install it on your box works for kitkat and above…..i just got it on my old mxq android box which i was about to bin b4 i found this link, NO BULLSHIT TRY IT OUT!!

    • Yeah of course there is always a hacker way, but the conventional way of downloading the app from Google Play or installing the the apk file, will not work on anything other than Marshmallow 6 when trying to install Krypton, so you do your research mate !

    • why don’t he go start his own channel and do his own video if he believes he knows more??? stop talking so negative, if you know it may not work for some just say ” hey Superdell, can i tell you something?” and just give the info… geesh man!!!

  4. Hi , i delete my koi by mistake and I’m having hard time getting it back , every time i try to download it i get error . can you help me please ?

  5. I’m running Android 4.4.2 and it won’t let me update to 17.0…… but my box just said there a security threat on 16.1 and need to update it. this sucks…

  6. Hi, I have an android with 4.4.2 and I installed ” MyCica” to get Kodi 17.1. on it. Can it be upgraded to 17.3 with that type of set-up? Thanks for your help.

    • Google play Kodi version is not compatible with device. The link works on my phone, not on my android 4.2.2 box

    • atepinkrose you need 5.1 or higher. there’s another way I can show you but it takes so long because your version of Android is very old. To enjoy you may need to purchase an up to date box

  7. you started off well as I was following and then you changed, I stopped at the time I went on google, it was easier that way for me bro


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