Install Fusion on Kodi Krypton 17 or higher


Fusion url:

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  1. Oh Lord , your instruction is the best and easiest ever , why didn’t I find you before I was going crazy with others for days and hours without getting my Kodi configured. …Thanks a millions Sister , xxx ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Mark, sorry I missed this. Were you able to get it running? If not, just try unplugging your device, then do a reinstall. Sometimes it’s the server too, anyway, hope this helps.

  2. i lost everything on my box. I’m hoping you can help me fix it. i don’t know where to start. if i can chat with you somewhere so you can help me let me know.

    • Mike Browell it sounds like you’re in a different section. Did you enter fusion already? did it ask you to close Kodi? Once you go back in it should start updating add-ons. If you find it’s not working then I would just uninstall Kodi and reinstall it again with fusion, it’ll be faster and less of a headache.

    • I’ll uninstall and reinstall and go from there lol I’ll let you know how i go. thanks i know it’s hard to help me without seeing. I’m usually good with most technology things. lol

    • I’m still lost. Its a MXQ pro 4k box if that helps. I’m still working things out as i go. seems like there’s nothing in it

    • Do a factory reset, then install fusion. You will run into problems because all of MX boxes are mostly 4.4 KitKat version and the Kodi team already said any version under 5 won’t work for much longer. Might be time for a new box unless you do the factory reset and Install an older version which will work for a bit but then all of your add-ons won’t update automatically anymore. Give it a try and use 16.1 for now.

  3. Hi I have a question. When clicking on kodi for install from zip file.I just have the two dots and nothing else. What should I do

    • Hi sorry for the late response. Fusion url will not work. I’m sure by now you’ve probably heard that TVAddons is having some major issues. All of the add ons are up and down right now. What you can do is install some repositories, that way you’ll still have some working addons.

    • Unfortunately the fusion website has been down for a bit. Not sure if and when it will come back. In the mean time all I can suggest is installing some repositories.

  4. When I loaded the fusion URL .ag it said it could not find fusion due to no connection. I checked the connection and it was fine. I’m in Canada should I put .ca not .ag

    • Yes unfortunately tvaddons isn’t working due to a lawsuit in progress. In the meantime you can install repositories and that’ll give you some working add ons.

  5. hello, I follow all your instructions and when I enter the name .fusion and click ok I got this notification “Couldn’t retrieve directory information due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway, Yes-No” so what should I do my wi-fi is working good and if I click yes, fusion is not working. so is there any other way to install it

    • Fusion isn’t working. For now everyone is just installing repositories and downloading the add ons they want. Take a look at my latest videos. All of them work.

  6. I just bought my firestick and when I follow your video I don’t have anything that gives me an option to install from zip file? My screen only has files, playlists, video add-ons when I go to the same section as you show. Any suggestions? Nevermind on this issue, i actually missed a step. My new problem is when I go the download zip file and click on .fusion it doesn’t take me to the next step, it tries but just goes back to .fusion.

    • Fusion no longer works. Try installing the Fire tv guru build(takeย a look at my video on it)ย or install separate repos.

  7. Nothing works. The Solo Man youtube video shows neither. I’ve tried about 6 hours from different youtube shows and no go. Tried disabling Firewall (its not recommended), failure still. My pc is working fine so why do some people have success and others (many) don’t?


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