Install Covenant KODI Addon Update ✅ (KODI 17.3 Krypton)


Covenant KODI video add-on is up and running this is how you can update or install one of the most required Kodi video add-ons to watch movies and TV shows but before we get started I want to mention that whenever I run Kodi I always use a virtual private network to protect myself from unknown tracking sources if you want to open G restricted content the only ways were the VPN if you’re looking to secure your privacy from unwanted eyes check the link on this video description for more information on the VPNs I commonly use so to update or install covenant in your Kodi Media Center from the home page enter on system file manager scroll down and enter on add source now enter the media source URL address you also find this URL in description below enter a name for this media source hit OK and next go back to the home page enter on add-ons and next on add-ons browser install from zip file and enter on the zip file folder after add-on successful install notification go ahead and install from repository enter on cuddle repo folder video add-ons and scroll down until you find covenant add-on or if you in a keyboard press shift and type C to browse faster now you are able to install or update whatever it is choose the one that says coddled repost source and enter update covenant now from the home page video add-ons or from here enter on covenant add-on and watch the most recent movies and TV shows as always thanks for watching and share this video if you find that easier to follow and useful see you on the next Kodi movies Cheers