Indigo Error Check Log Kodi How To Get Rid of the Error


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Indigo is a Program on Kodi that is no longer being used so it creates an error when you log onto your box. Here is how you get rid of the error. Thank you for watching my channel.


  1. Thanks for this video! I was confused as to why we needed Indigo in the first place? Do you have any updates on the Exodus addon or what’s going on with the TVADDON website that is down?

    • TVADDONs is off the air! They took down their site because DirectTV is suing them. There are tons of videos on how to update your Exodus stream. Just use the search on YouTube and search: Exodus Add On. Make sure you use the filter and default the filter to what is new from last month to now. Thank you. Kodi Queen

    • Great thanks! I was under the impression that TVADDONs ran the Exodus addon, so I’m glad to hear that it is still working ☺

  2. Is there a way I can contact you because I have some questions about kodi on the firestick and what add on’s are go to watch HD movies and live shows, thank you

  3. Tried it on my firestick, it didn’t work. Message states: “Indigo is used by the following installed add-on(s), Maintenance tool. This add-on can’t be uninstalled.”


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