Indigo Config wizard error not loading addons in Kodi. ( Manually configure w/ addon installer )


Today one of my subscribers brought it to my attention that the config wizard by TV addons is not loading the addons. After doing a wipe clean of my Kodi configuration and reinstalling Indigo I saw what he stated was true.

I made this video to show you how to install the addons manually.

This method will take longer however you will achieve the same results. Please let us know if this video helped you or if there is any other videos you would like to see us post for you.

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  1. GUYS!! I’ve also ran into a lot of problems in terms of Kodi 17 and TVAddons. I fix the problem by going to my PC file explorer. When you open it, you are usually in something called “quick access”. All the way to the right, search kodi, if you don’t get any results, click on “This PC” all the way to left. It will search again, let it finish and then select all folders with kodi on it and delete everything. Re-install Kodi and then, file manager, add source, add the fusion source and then voila, all problems fix.

    • Great tip. Most people dont realize that everything in kodi is in folders. Depending what system you use the path will be different. You can use these paths to add, copy or delete file from your kodi config.
      ANDROID Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/
      iOS /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/
      LINUX ~/.kodi/userdata/
      MAC /Users//Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ (see note)
      LIBREELEC/OPENELEC /storage/.kodi/userdata/
      WINDOWS Start – type %APPDATA%kodiuserdata – press

    • I just loaded it myself from a fresh install. The addons should work if you have a stable connection to the internet.

  2. All these year, from XBMC, till now. it’s the first time I’ve been mad at Kodi/XBMC…
    I used to install and uninstall as needed, as fast as turning on a VCR! now Kodi is just so messed up…

    Ehh… so I got this far, and now I just get an error “1channel Error, check log for more information”… NOTHING in log lol

    • I have 1channel on my windows device and i also loaded Kodi from the windows store. Everything is working on my system. my version of primewire 1channel is currently at 2.5.72 .

    • You are right about the backwards compatibility. However you can backup your files and uninstall kodi then reinstall a previous version. However i dont think the version is your issue. I would defiantly check out the version number you have and if it is less than 2.5.72 update it either from fusion or on indigo in the addons installer.

    • Yes, I have Kodi 17.1 RC-1 from the windows app store, 1channel 2.5.72 (not working), Exodus 3.0.5 (working, but says it failed to update, but still working), and Indigo 1.0.2

      And I’m sure someone has saved all the addons for all kodi/xbmc versions lol, some people are cool/crazy like that! lol

    • OK, so I got it working… I started to make a video showing what was going on. along the way I cleared the cache, removed the addons, reinstalled 1channel again, and it worked. maybe I’ll upload it in case people have this same issue.

    • I noticed while watching this, the latest version of 1channel was updated yesterday! but hey, it’s working now!

    • I loaded indigo yesterday and the config wizard worked when from a fresh install. It failed when i tried to install over the top of another build. I would suggest trying from a fresh build. Do you know how to erase your kodi files?

    • not sure I know how, but that’s something I can easily google up. thanks for the suggestion, I will try that soon.

    • All you have to do is erase the kodi folder. Here is the path depending what system you have:

      Operative system File path

      Android Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/
      iOS /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/
      Linux ~/.kodi/
      Mac /Users//Library/Application Support/Kodi/
      LibreELEC/OpenELEC /storage/.kodi/
      Windows Start – type %APPDATA%kodi

    • Indigo was having issues when i made this video. Everything used to be in separate addons and now they made it all in one. Since then it has been working good after a few hiccups.

    • Get Smart Media Worldwide
      right on, I have indigo installed on three different devices and none of them work. I have tried it in 16 and 17 with no success. I thought it was a junk add on until I tried to clear cache and needed maintenance tool. so now both indigo and maintenance tool doesn’t work.

    • Get Smart Media Worldwide
      I have two on mint Linux one​ running 18 and the other 17.3. I also have Kodi running arch Linux. currently I am running Kodi 17 kryptonite.

    • If you are running it on Linux then you are getting the best and smoothest experience. Some of the units we manufacture can be flipped to Linux. Not many people by the Linux even thought you get more bang for the buck. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Linux unit using a snapdragon processor for those 4k @60 FPS. That would be the closest thing out there to compete with the Nvidea shield. Do you think it could compete?

  3. Any of you that are updating to Kodi 17 or 17.1 or are going to the updated version of tvaddons.. you are better off doing a complete fresh install. I ran into nothing but errors. If youre installing indigo make sure its on a clean kodi install otherwise it wont work. At least it didnt for me. For whatever reason there is some sort of bug or file that is created when updating kodi. It ends up with addons27.db in your userdata files. After deleting I had no issues opening kodi and installing indigo!

  4. I start kodi and then when I click on an add-on it won’t start, only getting message; busy please wait and nothing happens this is with every adson I click on

  5. my Kodi screen is blank and I am trying to kind Indigo to do the add-on upgrade where would i find Indigo to start that upgrade

    • try clearing the cached data. If that dont work clear data and reinstall your build or desired addons. Do you know how to clear cached data or clear data?

    • I cleared the cache and the data now I have to build again, I thought I would have to upgrade my version of Kodi and its taking along time Im at 25% and its been 45min. Should I stop it

  6. I’m gona stop watching these videos with music in the back ground its really confusing…i struggle to concentrate

    • Im working on it. I made a bunch of videos to just get some content out.We will try to keep the focus on the subject of the video. Your criticism is appreciated. We hope we can earn a positive review from you in the future.

    • Itd be great if you could just talk us through it as you show us. These videos are going really fast and I find myself having to pause and rewind a lot because the video is moving so quickly. My prob was getting stuck at the initializing part when clicking on indigo, it just doesnt seem to download or do what its gonna do. its been forever waiting on it. ive given up and restarted it all over and got the same issue.

    • Normally a fresh install will do the trick. Did you make sure you cleared all the kodi files ? also i am wondering what kind of unit you are using.

    • I am working on it. If you notice all the last video i made i am explaining more . We are working on making the channel better and take every comment into consideration. We appreciate you watching

  7. your nonverbal video showed me more than some of these people that like to hear themselves talk forever. Please slow down just by 1 sec.

  8. At 1:23 when you go into the Indigo folder I’m not seeing the Exodus folder..any help would be greatly appreciated

  9. installed the latest version of kodi frm the site,add fusion looked for urlresolver its not in dependences,gave up on tht so i decided to add indigo to get my addons bk,guess what click on the indigo folder frm, “begin here” in fusion all it does is open the zip file up and show you the contents lol…reinstalled 3 times and no one seems to have any answers…

    looked at fusion on my dads firestick and seems to be the exact same problem thank god i didnt reinstall kodi from his also indigo is completey dead now on his fire stick so im trying to figure out how to fix all these problems on my desktop first..jheez

    • Once you install indigo you need to open it and run the config wizard. After that you should be good. Installing indigo is just the first step.

    • omg i instaleed kod on my mums firestick 17.3 android as the guide said its just giving me the same problems as the desktop version,but the is much much worse,first of all the build does not even save on the i used downloader to downlaod the “latest” version,then i got indigo thru fusion followin the guide lines and indiogo no longer has tht “config wizard” lol and check this out wen u look for pakistani repo thru fusion the respostriy for Zem add is no longer there also..its so bizzare,its liek the software has either A become totaly redundant or B it has been takin off….i need help someone needs to fix this stick…goin bk in for another go…omg..oh chk this out any guidline i follow for 17.3 my verison of tht same thing alwyas and i mean always has something missin.i donst have xbmc repos like the guide does and my verison of the pakistani respon is 1. somthing whilst the guide verisn is on 2.3 lol how..if we both are followin the same guides by inputtin the same txt why does my version be diffrent and the part where i cant save the build is the saddest.please come to my house or i send my stick to you help put kodi bk on wiht Zem tv plz and a werkin version of indigo…i live in UK,Reading,any1 close by thank you

    • omg more problems i got the kodi on the firestick 17.3 is total crap installin indigo on it doesnt do jack no wizard config no nothing,so i decide to install 16.1 guess wot indigo doesnt even both to download frm fusion and yes i did it frm the install frm zip lol wtf is going on im cursed or something

  10. I tried last night and there is no config wizard in Indigo and when I try to manually install Exodus, it gives me an error and wont work.

  11. I’m having problems with indigo it doesn’t download as fast as it use to when it finishes I have to manually enable it . it errors when trying to download exodus


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