Quick & simple way to setup pvr simple client in kodi and watch IPTV live television.

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  1. hello Soloman, I’ve done everything step by step and still cannot get the TV tab on Kodi. This really has me at witts end. Please help.

  2. Hi what M3U playlist URL do I use I am in new zealand and followed your process but wasnt sure if I use the same as yours so process didnt work like yours maybe because I didnt put that in

  3. Hello Soloman. I have had great results with most of your videos but i do not know how to find my local url could you explain how to find that. Thank you

  4. theres no enabled button that shows on my tv…these steps arent working on my tv and I just bought this smart tv

  5. hello soloman I am using scishion v88mini 4k I just asking for some help on how to get live tv on it cause I do all your setting and I don’t see much of those stuff I only see (ARGUS TV client) in live tv how can I get those other settings I see in yours. email me at with the infro plz thanks

  6. i followed your instructions to the tee. All that transferred were #s no ID of the item. Please help with what the heck I did wrong !!!!! Thanks so much

  7. my dear i have mad butcher build with water fall . I dont know how can i set up simple client on that. Please advise me how can i do or set up simple client IPTV.

  8. Dear
    i have done it on krypton ( the new version of KODI ) and it kicks me out after usually about 15 to 20 seconds . please help me if you know how to fix it . Thank you .

  9. I am using KODI 17.3 Krypton and when I select movies and then year, the years 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 will not load but all the other years do. It was working fine until yesterday. Do I need to reinstall KODI or what?

  10. Yup, I did everything step to step also, and no channels appear. What URL has channels and what I need cuz I got nothing from this. Please help thank u. SoloMan.


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