Mirror your PC screen wireless to your smart tv.

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"EASILY setup your Kodi with the Configurator for Kodi Windows or Android wizard. Configurator is RATED #1 setup wizard on Google Play and has everything (FULLY-LOADED) you need to get and keep your setup running SUPERBLY!
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  1. Yes yes yes!!! That’s exactly what I wanted ūüôā What a coincidence it came in my subscription ūüėÄ Thanks SoloMan <3

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a smart tv. Fortunately, however, my laptop has an hdmi port, so I connect my laptop to my 48 inch tv using an hdmi cord then switch to the tv channel assigned to it (ie: HDMI 3). Screen comes up on my tv (full 1080 display), looks great. Now if I can only stop the buffering without having to run run tge “Tweak 0k cache” (or whatever it’s called) every single time I want to watch something…

  3. I tried this method from my Windows 8 laptop to my Samsung BDJ7500 Smart Blu ray Player rather than a Smart TV itself.
    I am delighted to inform that it was a complete success as the Blu ray Player has the Screen Mirror facility.
    It was always my intention to try it out sometime, Screen Mirroring is one of the greatest advances in technology we’ve had ever.

  4. Works on a LG smart tv very well. Have windows 10 just have to go to project on computer and screen share on tv

  5. at least i can watch kodi and exodus on my computer and tablet and phone but not my smarttv since Samsung discontinued the samsung link to share content on the smarttv. I have an older version of 2012. However, they have a new version but i need to purchase a new smarttv for that. SmartView 2.0 is the new source for the new smarttv.

  6. i am using desktop pc i have 4gb ram 500gb HD and intel motherboard
    with intel pentinum dual core processor (not having  graphics card)
    in my pc not supporting intel widi bcoz saying hardware not avail so
    kindly help me how to connect my pc to lg smart tv wireless display
    also please tell me  graphics card needed to relay wireless display OR
    needed higher processor OR needed any external devices like
    screenbeem(but its to costly ) so kindly please tell me and please
    post  how to  wirelessly display my pc to smart tv in non-widi enbled
    computers  . widi requirements is related to unsupported graphics card or unsupported processor(pentinum dual core) or unsupported intel motherboard


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