How To Install / Upgrade an Android TV Box to Kodi 17.5 Krypton


Here is two methods to install / upgrade Kodi 17.5 on an Android TV box.
Read Here for a Written Tutorial:


    • TK Law if you keep getting a message the device is “having trouble parsing the package”, it means your device is not capable of handling the newest version of Kodi. You are going to have to upgrade your device or just stick with whatever version of Kodi you have currently. I just did this myself. I was trying to upgrade my android box from Jarvis to Krypton and kept getting that message every time. Go to the settings on your device and select “about”. You have to check the “version” of your device. I think if your version is less than 5.0.1 it won’t update to the newest version of Kodi. The box I was using before had a version of 4.2.2 and with my new box is now at 6.0.1. I hope this helps.

  1. I have been trying to get kodi reloaded on my t95z plus for about 3 weeks or more! All the other videos have failed in one way or the other! Your video showed in very detailed, both vocal and film, the best way without any hiccups just how to do it! If anyone sees this before choosing another video, don’t even try anyone else but here!!!!!! Thank you sir!!

  2. I’ve tried 3 times, unknown sources set to on, rebooted box and installation still fails error msg “X App not installed” What could possibly be the issue?


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