How to install the WOOKIE WIZARD on KODI – SEPTEMBER 2016 – Step by step instructions


A step by step tutorial on installing the WOOKIE wizard. A must for beginners on Kodi who want a easy way to get all the tv and movies that you could ever want. I also show you how to install the wookie new look build.

Wookie wizard address

Website help page

I am not associated with kodi or any of its developers including third party.


  1. Does wookie have streamboxtv on it because I need that for all my sport and don’t want to delete it.wookie looks the bomb but sports comes first

  2. I’ve had wookie for ages. love it. but I cleared cache today and I have some sort of totally different setup. does Nyone else have this. It’s like 4 options down the left hand side. like video, pictures, weather and I think tv. This it.

  3. wookie lite is by far my favorite build for Android tv box. if anyone has recommendations for better builds for Android tv box please let me know

  4. Great Vid – i have a problem tho, when i go to install Wookie there are not any of the 3 options showing (e.g. retro, new look or lite). Could someone please help with this?

  5. Today I’ve downloaded Kodi and wookie onto it, it’s all up and running great but when I try listening to music or watching anything in general it doesn’t work and sometimes says “check the log for more information” what’s happened?

  6. When I click on install theres nothing there and community builds just says keywords, description, viewport etc, I’m using a firestick btw.

    • You can do that in a maintenance section of a few wizards. Ares wizard and echo wizard has good maintenance sections and you can even set it to do it automatically. ?

    • No, sorry my mistake. Go into the wookie wizard and select “tools” and you will see an option to clear cache and purge packages.

  7. I have been having problems I get as far as install from zip file but don’t have ‘click me’ just arrow up? can you help please?

    • No still getting the same not able to get any further any other suggestions please? I have done it before without any problems.

    • I’ve just tested it and it’s working at my end. The most common issue is that address is incorrectly typed so we can rule that out. The next thing I would suggest is that your isp is blocking Kodi or your kodi device is new or an unknown device to your router? If that is the case then you need to google your particular isp/router and Kodi problems/fixes. I have a video fix on my channel for Bt routers. Sorry I can’t help more. ??

  8. Can someone please tell me how to uninstall wookie, I have tried the Fusion Route but fresh start is not there anymore, I have installed Xunity tools but wookie will not let me open the app. I have deleted Kodi from my system but when I download a new 16.1 version and run it Wookie is still there. I just want to get rid of the thing, its like a bloody virus..


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