How to Install Kodi Krypton RC V17.1 Amazon Fire TV and Stick (Feb 2017 update) without pc


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UPDATES: when creating the path for Kodi on ES Explorer use the following address so it takes you directly to the download section since their website layout has changed. Go to this video to see how we solve the issue and then return to finish watching how to install it on this one. Verify the version your are downloading is the proper one for your device (i.e. arm instead of x86 for Amazon Fire).

On this video we show you how to install, simple and easy, Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV stock without using a PC so that you get access to all great content such as movies and tv series, for free and in HD quality. You only need to get an Amazon Fire TV stick, our suggested DNS and Kodi in order to enjoy all the great content offered.

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  1. a pop up comes that say i need to pair with someothing… what to do..? it also takes a long time to load. ? then it says no stream available

  2. when I downloaded it ran but your screen went straight to kodi. so I went to my home screen and clicked on kodi. now nothing happens

    • 17.1 but I have fixed it now. thanks. though. Question after I have downloaded a build. how do I go back to the initial home screens ( the blue one) to download more add ons.

    • layton williams got me there since I have only worked Kodi on the fire TV and don’t recall a blue screen sorry.

    • The original screen before you download a build. I erased kodi 16 and updated to 17. The blue and black screen shows all add ons. The repository.

  3. i downloaded then when i clicked open file it gave me an option to select…ES Note Editor or HTML Viewer or set as default app…. it did not come up with propeties, cancel-market- install like on your video. what do i do ?

  4. @blimport panama I’m trying to install kodi on my smart tv and I followed your video for the most part but I got lost at 7:30 because I only got Indigo so I’m missing primewire, exodus, and the rest. And the config Wizard never popped up at all. Help please

    • Free Texas if you were able to install indigo chances are Exodus is the but you have not enabled it. go to my add-ons and look for Exodus and on the bottom of the screen you will find an enable option.

  5. Dude this would have been a very good tutorial but towards the end you begin flying through it. Slooooow it down we have to rewind too many times.

  6. When I put in the, my Kodi screen looks completely different and there’s no option to download. Anyone else with this issue?

    • sorry we try to make the video as short as possible so that users dont get bored hence the rush. If you want to see the latest kodi install with the download issue solve check out our other kodi video from april.


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