How To Install Kodi Krypton 17.0 w/TVADDONS (Indigo)/IPTV Install-NO HEADACHE INSTALL!!


This is the NEWEST Complete Setup Guide to the Kodi Krypton 17.0 which includes the FUSION/TVADDONS/INDIGO install and how to install/configure your IPTV List (Israel Live) IPTV Addon.

You will need use:


**NOTE** This install also works with the Amazon Firestick-Alexa for 2017! We will put up a video later for that install just to be clear.

Please be sure to ask us any questions, comments regarding this install. We tried to make it as easy as possible as it relates to this update.

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  1. Sorry Tahlia but if you keep going down on the kodi download page, you’ll see the previous versions download link. Great for reinstalling 16.1

    • Yes. You can go to Google Play and download it from the store and upload the Kodi 17.0. Actually this is the version that is downloading.

    • If you still have the KODI 16.1 Jarvis on your device I would delete and use an App Cleaner to delete unseen files from your device before you upload the Kodi Krypton. The files may be overlapping and preventing the addon to be installed properly.

  2. Do I have to first uninstall kodi 16.1 before downloading kodi 17.0
    Also, am I going to lose all my addons that I previously had on kodi 16.1

    • Yes Kelsey. I deleted all of the Kodi 16.1 Jarvis off of my computer before I installed the Kodi 17.0. Some addons may transfer but, others will not. But, you can always re-install the addons to your Krypton build.

  3. Thanks so much for your videos! I recently found your channel & must say that I’ve looked at a few different videos on you tube in regards to Kodi and yours are by far the easiest to follow. It makes my adjustment of cutting the cord less of a headache

    • I’m so happy to hear comments such as this! It makes me believe the information and education I’m providing is worth it and valuable. Thank you.

    • Joan Robertson thanks for your question. Go to the “Fresh Install” in your fusion folder and allow it to reset the Kodi settings from scratch.

    • Talia Moore I’ve tried that several times even reset the firestick and reinstalled kodi then indigo only for it to freeze up on initializing

    • Talia Moore this is my first time installing the krypton version I’ve done jarvis a few times with no issues but the exodus isn’t even working properly some categories don’t work and it won’t even make it to a list of movies let alone play a movie….idk what I’m doing wrong

    • Make sure you uninstall all files from the Jarvis 16.1 it maybe conflicting with old files. Also, the initializing does take some time to complete. Keep me updated if this is still an issue.

    • Make sure you uninstall the Kodi 16.1 Jarvis from your device and make sure all exterior files are erased as well so it’s a fresh install. It does take some time for the program to initialize so be patient with it.

  4. I still couldn’t get it to work I had to go in there manually and add my channels from the repositories but I still don’t have all of mine that I’m used to

    • You will still have to add all of your old repos and add-ons on. It will not carry over to the Krypton 17. But, the Indigo addon should not have given you any issues. This one is new and is updating and so, please keep me posted as to how this is working out for you. **Note** Make sure you erase any older version of KODI before you load the 17.0 to your device.

  5. When i click on addons after installing fussion . I didn’t see “Enter add on browser ” what came on was categories that includes my addons, available updates etc. I didn’t see where to install from zip file

  6. I cannot install. it’s getting stuck at the last step. I have the 1st firestick, not Alexa. Is it too big to load?

    • Go to the older versions and download the 16.1 Jarvis. You will select Android -ARM-APK. It’s down at the bottom.

  7. Hello! quick question. I put in your builds and added the new players Klub too, just wondering what you recommend to clear all the caches and to do maintenance? I tried tdbrepo but it’s not working. thank you for everything you do!!!

    • Thank you Richard! I would restart and go back in to clear the caches. I know especially for the Players Klub, you have to make sure you have the user names correct in order to even have access, and clear the caches directly afterward. If you have other caches that you are clearing for access make sure to reboot afterward and reload the program. If not, it will not properly restore and will not work for streaming.

  8. WHILE INSTALLING THE INDIGO :I tried to “config wizard” but it got stuck half way through the installation/download. Thereafter, it isn’t showing the “config Wizard” in the listed files for me to even try it again. What can I do?

  9. Hi I did everything you said, when I get to step where you click begin here, I click it and there is no indigo file there how do I fix it to get indigo?

    • Look in “Video addons” it will be there. Once you click on it, it will initilize then you will have to go in to configure it.


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