How to install Kodi 17.3 on Amazon Firestick UNDER 5 MINUTES (2017 Tutorial)


Complete Tutorial to install Kodi 17.3 on New Firestick and the new website of (website has new interface these are by far the easiest steps)

Which device this will work on:

New FireStick –
Regular FireStick
FireTV – (faster then firestick same interface)

Which website do I need to add?

1. Download Downloader
2. Go to Kodi.TV you are done!

For Wookie you need:


  1. I did this video because tons of people asked for an easier way links kept dieing! this is the best tutorial! for solid firestick fire tv setup!

  2. Hello I tried installing wookie several times and I keep getting message saying it didn’t install. Tried it 2 times.

    • So I tried it again this morning.  I was able to get Wookie to be installed.  So try it again and see if it will work for you.  I know nothing about this type of stuff…lol.  Even with it installed, it is really hard for me to navigate thru it. There is a pop up screen on the left side, that I can’t even see, it is cut off.  So I give up. I am having my niece come and help me….lol.   I wish you luck in getting it working for you.

    • go to kodi no limits YouTube and watch their video from 6 days ago about how to download kodi. it works so well and is so much easier to find what you want to Watch! they make it fully loaded and easy to navigate.

  3. This worked great, then I did something and lost it, spent all evening trying to get it back with no joy. Then first time this morning straight back on first try. Thanks

  4. I downloaded rookie but it won’t let me watch anything. It keeps telling me to try a different link/host

  5. This down load works I have all the televisions in my home connected to a fire-stick. the down load took no more then 10 minutes. If you have gotten a message just keep trying also go back and make sure you did not make a mistake when typing in the link. So far I have programmed 9 sticks in one week. Great down load. Thank you. installed the app on four as of last week.

  6. How are you.? I try to download. The downloader .. And. They said that. Purchase failure. That say its free. I fallow all your. Instructions. Step by step.

  7. Spent 4 hours messing with 17.4 his is the only 1 that worked. Im telling u i was about to scream. The 1 i picked set up was hard get used to tho. But its there networks n all ty!!

  8. VERY NICE! Thank you… looking forward to installing this. Will share with my friends on facebook “MOAB: Men on a Budget”:


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