How to install and set up Kodi on Android – 2016


TawcTech in this video shows you guys how to install and setup Kodi on Android. Kodi also known as XBMC will allow you to watch movies and TV series on your device, whether you want to stream or download.

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  1. I don’t have the “hub wizard”.  I followed everything you said (after going into settings to allow unknown sources as it wouldn’t do anything until I did) and I have the .fusion after following your steps but I only have  I downloaded Indigo on accident as I thought it was the hub wizard as I clicked too fast and now I am lost.  I cannot find ANYTHING like what you are saying after that or the hub wizard.  What do I do?

  2. Hi, I just got an android tablet and it won’t let me click on add source and I don’t know how to get around that. Does anyone have any ideas?


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