How To Install And Configure Kodi 17.3 On Android Devices And Windows PC-STEP BY STEP


A tutorial to install and configure Kodi 17.3 Krypton/download and setup Kodi 17.3 with all Addons on Android devices and Windows PC June 2017 for beginners. this installation method also works on fire stick tv, android box, phone, tablet, Mac PC/laptop, Amazon tv, Linux or others platform.In this video, I am showing two ways to download and install the latest version of Kodi 17.3 Krypton from website besides that installing Kodi v17.3 from Google play store for Android.After that, I am showing how to setup/configure or install add-ons by adding with all the best active addon you will find the best way enable/add exodus, Zen, Phonix,1channel, Sportsdevil, Zen, Alluc, Cartoon8, ultimate IPTV, earth cam, exodus, Gobble, Freeview, sports, Phoenix, Pro sports, Velocity etc addons are installed at once.

For installing all the Movies, tv shows, live tv or live sports add-ons at first you need to enable Indigo tv addon .ag then install the Indigo program addon.Once Indigo installed just open the addon then click on config wizard here you will get a popup message to configure your kodi with all the best addons and tweaks by automatically.
now click install and wait until its finish.after finishing the installation and configure process restart your kodi and enjoy whatever you want to watch with those add-ons.

About kodi: (software)

Official Kodi website for download v17.3:

Legal: This video is for educational purposes only. I only provide the sources which are legal and totally free to use. I do not provide any illegal sources

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  1. You might as well give up on this method, TVAddons got sued by Direct TV and shut down . Same with ZemTV and Phoenix, both add-ons are gone. Some fucking anti piracy group in Israel called ZIRA is responsible for the takedowns. Fucking pricks. They’re also going after anyone who sells Kodi preloaded streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV boxes. A guy got 4 years for selling them. It’s only a matter of time before they also go after those who stream the content and report them to their ISP. It really looks like the beginning of the end for Kodi and everything free that comes with it.

    • I was literally installing the addon when I read your comment, then I quickly found out that you were right. Any suggestions?

    • +The Saucy Goblin Shark I don’t know what you’re using to stream Kodi, but if it’s possible for you, try installing one of the latest builds, Durex is awesome and not entirely monopolized by TVAddons. Just make a mental note that just about any TVAddons add-on will not work, neither does Phoenix, and just avoid clicking those to stream, even if they’re part of the build. I don’t know if there’s anything else that can be done. Some of the SpinzTV builds are ok too. Good luck.

    • Im using LibreElec for the raspberry pi. Im just going to give up on it before I waste too much time, and just watch netflix.

  2. i tried it and its not working it works up until you have to go into add ons then nothing is comming up anny idea??


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