How to increase Cache on Kodi 17


How to increase Cache on Kodi 17. Allows videos to buffer more than they normally would. Has been tested on many different devices and operating systems.

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  1. Wow thats amazing, was trying to watch a video before I done this and it would only cache maybe 30 seconds at a time but now it done almost a 1/4 of my hour long show in about a minute, thanks so much, no more buffering 😀

    • +ΣΩΤΗΡΙΟΣ ΠΙΤΑΡΑΣ Delete the file which is located in the Profile Directory under File Manager. You will see it there titled advancedsettings.xml. Don’t forget to restart it afterwards.

    • My kodi 17.3 is now useless. I ran it correctly. I rebooted and nothing works now. How do i eliminate this add on?

  2. Works perfect thanks. This has been the only way that worked. None of the how to’s using advanced settings / addons worked at all. My pc can now buffer a full movie. Takes around half an hour to buffer a full movie to system memory. This wouldnt be possible on a cheap kodi box due to lack of ram. My pc has 8 gigs so can load a full HD film.

  3. I’m running a titanium build but can not get this to work it says it’s installed but its not downloading when I pause the movie any ideas on how to fix?

  4. You gave no information. People have different Hdd/ram sizes and without knowing which you set it to and the limit that could be bad for some devices. A pi 3 only has 1 hdd and sometimes only a 4gb sd card. How does this work on such a set up streaming 1080 or firesticks?


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