Fusion/Indigo Reborn as new Simply Caz kodi 17.3 best substitution for Fusion TV Addons june 2017


This video will guide you on Fusion Reborn as new Simply Caz kodi 17.3 best substitution for Fusion TV Addons june 2017

All the popular addons are back like exodus for kodi 17.3, Zen for kodi 17.3, 1channel for kodi 17.3, addon installer for kodi 17.3, best working addons for kodi 17.3 june 2017

The best substitution for kodi fusion tv addons in kodi 17.3, indigo in kodi 17.3, install best build for kodi 17.3 from new substitution of kodi june 2017 simply caz

All the best woking addons are back in this repo, no fusion no problen, could not install fusion tvaddons, indigo error all the problem best solution by this substitution simply caz repo


  1. Hi Thanks for sharing useful videos. I have a problem using my Kodi, hope if you could please help. Kodi doesn’t pick the internet connection and is showing up a message that “Couldn’t Retrieve Directory Information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?” when I am trying to addon fusion. I saw your video on how to fix network problem, but When I check the network connection in Network under Settings, it shows that this is Connected. Also, the name of the addon is spelled correctly. I also tried to uninstall and reinstall Kodi number of times, but I am facing this problem everytime. The box I’m using on my Sony Tv is H96 Pro. Would you pl advise, is there a problem with the box? Thanks. I can share the pics of the error as well. Pl advice,

  2. fucking exodus is so slow to download wow… keep going to 11% then down to 0% again…. must be overloaded…. come on caz,,,

  3. ☹️ is it just me, but hmmm ULTIMATE WHITECREAM hhheeellpppp? just need that when the mrs has aunt flow around ?‍♂️

  4. KODI was good before people started exploiting it all over fucking youtube with damn videos. Great way to ruin a good thing

  5. Apparently they are upgrading their server, because it says could not connect to the repository. There are a couple folders that say that when you install the addon above the link you actually click to install it. I wonder when their repo will be available again.


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