Complete xbmc or kodi setup, full configuration with all repositories and best addons.

Get full iptv channels url here:


  1. hey solo man..i watched some of your videos..and my question is how do u run or do whatever u doing on a pc??  is it a way to link up my box to the computer??? i just purchase a mx box and i was trying to watch your videos to learn how the process works..but it seems to me that u have your computer some how connected to the streaming box.. How u do that?

  2. Hey I was wondering, if anyone knew, I’m wanting to have a playlist of TV shows based on TV channels, for example, if i had some sort of addon that allowed me to find the history channel and it had all the TV shows and seasons that were shown on that particular channel. Da anyone know if there is an addon like that? Thank you

  3. Hi solo man ,what heppend to xbmc and kodi / i upgraded, and load some addons link in source, when i restart xbmc or kodi  I only see fusion there rest are gone.I think its not work, any way let me know please why  i am having this problem , even i download tvmc same problem  i deleted and gotham same problem. needhelp,Thank you.

  4. hey solo man, im trying to do the full setup, but its not allowing me to get the itotalxbmc.tv repository.. did i do something wrong because its telling me it needs an update

    • +Paul Rubio Jr i dot total xbmc dot tv is still the repo, i just tried it, just make sure you type it exactly like that.

    • Leave it alone and continue with your install, if you have xunitytalk there as well as super repo you’re pretty much covered. I will find you  the manual plugin for total revolution.

  5. Hello, I’m mostly instal all what you said I don’t see all the tv shows and movies also I can’t find where the to as well same or the things you said couldn’t connect!! Can you plz help me out !

  6. i have an android tv kodi box was working last time but when i try turn
    it on i just get a flashing blue light and nothin happens?

    any body help please?

  7. Hi, when I go back to the add-ons to install from the zip file .Total and  .metalkettle nothing come out its empty? Is there a way to fix it.

  8. Hi I started going though your set up, got to install from zip and nothing came up?? just….? when I was putting in the name of the file I was not hooked upto any internet. so I went back and set up my wifi. I tried to reinstale the xunitytalk.com and it said something cant remember something about do I want it setting up anyway I said yes!! How to delete them and start again?

  9. can some help me i did something and now i can only nagavate backwards or up only. i can not program, it doesnt work going backwards.

  10. Hello Oneil; Thank you for the video; it is awesome, however, my problem is with some of the repositories.  Of the five you provided, three were successful.  The addresses used from your video are not working for total, and metalkettle on mine.  They do not load.  Want to access, sports, NFC, UFC etc.


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