Complete Kodi setup from start to finish. Best way to install and configure Kodi step by step.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can pick up a  Sports feed channel from NYC called SPORTNET-NY (aka  SNY). Its mostly a Pure New York city Sports station, covering the Mets/Jets/Giants, Yankees, Nets, Knicks, any sports in NYC.    I tried stallion,  sports mix,  nothing.  NAVI-X did have it a few weeks ago for only 2 days and not back since. Please let me know.  Thank You.

  2. Hi solo man. New subscriber. My kodi on fire stick will not let me access the settings fueld on the systems tab in the kodi confluence menu screen. I am having a hard time troubleshooting how to gain access to make changes. I get black screens. Although I can still view and select my add ons in video field.

  3. Hello soloman i cant seem to find the right webpage for kodi would it be possible for u to link me the right website please and thank you very much

  4. Hello solo man maybe you can help me. I have the TX5 pro I went to watch the superbowl Sunday and the box went completely off I had it on hdmi 2 on my Vizio smart TV, I tried reseting the TV my hdmi port 2 state no signal what I do to resolve this problem, I have my PS4 connected to the hdmi port 1.

  5. Thanks for getting to the point and keeping things concise! Best Kodi startup video I’ve seen!! I’ll consult your other videos for future help.

  6. hi Mr solo man, recently I install a addon call Kobra, after install it, and I try to run it but it said not for my device… may I know why?

  7. Hello solo man could you tell me how to change kodi’s main screem to say : video movies program shows system..thank you


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