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    • TacticalPower88 That’s so kind of you Thank you kindly…so would it be fair to say I can do a total factory reset on my abox as I was just getting ready to download “onebox” via mxplayer which my original terrarium is from showbox and mobdro rooted I accidentally uninstalled pd version of ES file explorer pro not that big a deal but have tried Aptoid TV to attain HDMovies and said it was not compatible and my device is 6.1-so that was perplexing THANK YOU SOOO MUCH I really appreciate your response so very kind of you, honest, if I happen to have any issues I don’t want to pester you but here’s to an easy breezy cover girl download THANKS again?

    • doobieman69 hi doobieman! I have purchased an abox and also I’ve purchased a firestick for my dad I’ve persuaded him to become a cordcutter I myself since 2013 b/c of dish (ironic) became a cord cutter relying on Hulu Amazon prime Vudu and Netflix and a lot of the apps that were in the Roku store as that was my choice streamer at the time, since then I’ve been experimenting with Google Chrome cast firebox fire stick Apple TV A higher end Roku but have had no knowledge of the things I’m learning on YouTube and I’ve been learning since February of this year The thing is because of the fact that I am into a lot of TV series which is why I love Hulu or Netflix my husband on the other hand he loves movies so I’m kind of lost in the land of builds that are constantly going up and down and I’m relying on standalone but I’m trying to make it easy for my dad because he literally has just learned how to use Bluetooth to stream music–he gets frustrated very easily and even on light builds where there are less choices so he’s not overwhelmed, I have been using spinz to get used to myself where I was for quite some time using ALL IN ONE MEGA BUILDS all in ones w Tv data movie base etc. The reason why I’m contacting you is because I’m looking for a bill or a standalone that has sports for baseball football hockey etc. I’ve seen them in some bills because they have been unreliable and for the time being basically are changing day-to-day it will not help my plight to ease him into the transition, i’m 39 years old and my parents have just become divorced and sadly because of this I don’t want my dad to have another $200 bill that he doesn’t use because he really just utilizes news and sports and network television fox cbs and loves the Vice channel but you had mentioned something in your comments about live sports and before I start presenting him with paid services I’d like to show him some bills or standalones or even an apk that can help him see the ease of streaming. He just bought a smart TV and doesn’t even know what it does and sadly it’s not even a good smarty way it only offers apps from the brands App Store and it doesn’t have any plugs for HBOGo A&E and the likes that Samsung or Vizio would have–if there is anything you can help me with regarding live sports or point me in some sort of direction I would really really appreciate it I hope I haven’t bothered you but I was just looking over the comments and I had happened to see yours thank you for your time in advance and if you can help me that’s great if not I apologize for taking up your time -thank you kindly Jacqueline ?

    • TacticalPower88 can you possibly help me I have gotten my father to become a streamer and cut the cable cord because my mother is taking him to the cleaners through a divorce and the biggest convincing I can give him is I’ve purchased him a fire stick because he can take it from TV to TV and he didn’t swing for a box but I did tell him that I thought it would be a good thing to try and android box because he loves his android phone he uses it for Bluetooth for streaming music as far as any other features he is none the wiser but I was wondering if you could help me out and let me know about any APKs or standalones for sports because right now all of the builds and add ons have proven to be all over the map because of the stupid lawsuit from dish which ironically years ago has made me a cord cutter, but I only use Netflix and Hulu and I’ve just learned about all these APKs and builds since Feb of this year I fear that he will revert to paying $200 for a bundle package where as right now he has access to free Wi-Fi through his landlord I’ve already set up an Apple box while I’m waiting for his android box and fire stick they should be here tomorrow, but if you could give me any information about sports he loves Yankees and Mets being able to watch old games and I’ve asked a few YouTube people that do the tutorials but I’ve yet to have a solid answer I was hoping maybe you could help me out I had seen you write in the comments and you seem to know what your talking about–if you could help me in anyway shape or form I appreciate it in advance, if not thank you anyway and enjoy the rest your weekend?

    • I must start off by saying that a Fire stick is a pretty limited device I would almost never recommend, it should get the job done but the experience is going be noticeably clunky at times. I would have suggested going with the MIbox as it is by far the best balance between price, performance and higher end features like HDR and 4K support for not only Kodi but for mainstream things like Netflix and Youtube as well. I definitely believe in getting my purchase right the first time so I don’t have to deal with regret about not spending a bit more towards a better experience every time i use that product. BTW, I probably sound like a snob right now but nobody can sympathize with being dirt poor more than me.

      In any case, like I said in my previous comment, you have some very hit and miss free Live TV stuff like Apks and Kodi Add-ons which will have at least some sports by nature but definitely nothing I would recommend for a sports loving cable cutter expecting a simple, reliable experience on Android. If he had a PC or Laptop computer connected to his TV (HDMI enabled PCs and Laptops connect to your TV just like any android TV device does) then I can solve his sports problem for free by telling him install the Google chrome web browser with adblock and then going to whenever he feels like watching live sports. Bad news is that your best bet is spending some money on a premium IPTV service but the good news is that the monthly cost is nowhere near $200 and both services work in Kodi and have standalone simple to use APKS for your dad as well.

      Now with all that said, I finally start with a couple premium solutions that you should definitely check out lol. For $5 a month you can subscribe to Players Klub premium which should cover his TV/sports needs for the most part if not totally. I haven’t tried this premium service personally but I do know people with it and I have been following them and their customer feedback very closely for a while. It has been a bit more hit and miss than I would like a paid IPTV service to be with occasional buffering/channel outages as well as lots of standard def only channels but its easily worth the $5 even on its worst month. Should be noted that most of the hit and miss problems seem to be behind them as they recently had moved to upgraded servers. Now then, The best premium live TV I know and have tried is Gears TV at $15 a month. Its more expensive than Players Klub but they justify it well. Very consistent service, virtually all of the channels in full 1080p with lots of channels other IPTV services don’t even think about. Both services have access to the official MLB premium service streams but as a new yorker I quickly noticed that Gears TV has lots of local NY channels including YES and SNY which are the official channels of the Yankees and Mets. Not only will he be able to watch all the games but watch the official 24/7 team channels for NY baseball related news, analysis and history/documentary specials.

      If money is really tight you can always cut off Netflix and Hulu as you really don’t need them with Kodi and apks like terrarium TV giving you virtually every movie and TV show in existence on demand anyway. Hulu makes you wait at least a day for new episodes with ads while things like Kodi give it to me ad free just minutes after airing. I’m a hypocrite cuz i have had and still have both since they launched but I almost never use them, especially Hulu. Oh well, I only pay for Netflix and My best bud pays for Hulu so we both get a 2 for 1 anyway haha. Sorry about the long message but I’m always willing to go out my way to help as best as I could, maybe too willing 🙂 b

  1. Not a good one Doc. I’m using a firestick. Every link I’ve tried on tv and films just don’t load. Keep up the good work though

    • Perry Simpson ukLiveTv probably the Best on Fire Stick.. im Watching it RIGHT NOW as i Speak.. clear view than mobdro tbh

    • Baffoono cheers matey, I have that app and it’s not bad. I tend to use Elysium on SMPC, it as everything I need, and works perfect. But thanks for the tip

    • Perry do you have netflix on your amazon fire stick? If you do does the download feature works on the fire stick? I want to buy one as a gift for my girlfriend but she doesn’t have very good internet connection

    • 1091luigi Yes, All Fire Sticks have Netflix, but your best downloading Kodi or SPMC, it’s free. Also you don’t need a really powerful wifi signal to run your FS. Get one you won’t be disappointed

    • Martin Krawczyk
      Go to the movies and pay to see it or learn how to code Android & Java, then create your own. Not to be rude, but I dislike people that complain about something that is free.
      the developer(s) are doing this for free. A chance the developer hasn’t updated their code for scrapping a website for the correct movie link. more than likely the developer(s) have a real job.

  2. Kodi 17.3 is working great for me, with the Exodus from your recent video. So, I think I’ll stick with Kodi until it doesn’t work.

  3. Here’s the deal people…
    Not everything works all the time, sometimes you have to try and try again. You can all moan at The Doc saying this that and the other but look at it this way. This person is trying to help you by way of showing/helping you get these things FOR FREE… if your not happy look elsewhere (I do) and sometimes I get a better result, sometimes I don’t, but I don’t berate the Doc for the way he has tried to help us out with these apk’s downloads etc etc etc. Give the man a bit of respect… if you’re not happy… move on…
    Cheers Doc… Keep ’em coming…

    • John W cheers John , sometimes I do wonder why people talk like they know it all and then criticise when it doesn’t work lol , thank you for your support

  4. I take it Doc that you make some money out of your advertising VPNs etc, which is good, however, videos such as this does not do your rep any favours as someone who wants to help. This video seems to be an advert for Tea TV, which make their money’s by getting your personal details. Perhaps that’s why you rushed the video, just a pang of conscience maybe?

  5. Nothing wrong with Kodi if you know what you’re doing. Get the right build and you’ll have no problems. This video is a load of bullshit. Its been made to get views and subscribers by misleading people.

  6. Kodi works very well for me thanks, it does the job plain and simple. See no reason to change over to something else thats prob going to be just as dodgy with the same ability’s as Kodi has. None of these devices are any better or worse. We live in a age where free TV is a thing of the past and those days are over and whatever gets me free movies and TV is just as good as another. As the saying goes: If it aint broke why fix it?


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