FORGET EXODUS – This SMASHES it on Kodi (2017)


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  1. Doc Iffy , do you like the sound of your own, you post all these tutorials , all loaded per as instructed down to the last T , yet sadly half the stuff you put on your vids are shite, they do not load, go down in ten minutes or so, all in all, IFFY and that’s the appropriate name for you, cos alas you do not ring true. So the only thing i think off is that you are making a decent money from your vids, why else would you embarrass yourself in such a fashion ? . Sort it out please and stop trying to mug people off !

    • Mobdro good for live TV where multiple channels,one will always be FILM On or UK TV,which freezes you out.More 4 does your Modbro have Multiple to choose from cos mine has one and it FilmOn Or UKTV which as i said freezes you out.

    • J Humphries after I installed Terrarium TV on fire stick I noticed Exodus had issues when scraping for best providers. After deleting Terrarium TV issue was resolved.

  2. ultimate mania for live tv and for 6 bux a month its a bargain but for quick films and shows it has to be terrarium and for reliable live TV theres only one mobdro My only gripe with mobdro this year is the game pop up ups that last 30 seconds, i appreciate that adds are part of free streaming but they never used to spam it so hard, pain in the rear lol

    • Ben Marrison the box cost £249.99 and is the best android TV box on the market, Doc squiffy has one himself so I’m a bit reluctant to root it in case I brick it. I have a cheaper box in the bedroom that I will try it on tho as that only cost £30 lol. Cheers m8

    • Retro Slotter £250?!? s**t! Fair enough, I wouldn’t want to risk it myself. I only use £30 boxes myself, but AdAway was a revelation when I found it. It just gets rid of all the ads. I set it up once and haven’t seen an ad for months, the playstore ones are the worst. On, best of luck ?

  3. I would take a wild guess here and say that you’re being biased to this for some reason because there’s been nothing better happening with Skynet Maverick dojo if Exodus was not running well I assure you that they did not do much better or at all do anything believe that when I have six builds front in front of me for almost 2 days checking it to see if it’s the build and or wizard or if it’s the add-on is so my connection I’ve used multiple connections I’ve used a propane connection that put me in the top 70% tile fastest in America even and the time was actually telling me that I scrubble damn scraped too soon like it didn’t have enough time to acquire the content and I don’t believe it what else and I’ve tried new old 16.1-6 17.0- 17.3 I’ve used wookie of Jarvis and Krypton version Mega and Underdog of both I’ve done Fantasy Life Cellar Door of both actually Fantasy Life I don’t think I did both meaning Kryptonian Jarvis I’ve got Aries CCM and pulse also dorex I must say the one that did the best was the 1.3 Fury update and the 3.5 Hard Knocks update we’re also lacking normal but yet they were able to play they actually function properly I had a lot more unavailable stream that’s for sure the Megamind build is all about the Skynet and believe me I’m a firm believer in the Silent Hunter but your information is wrong pal

    • C.Bestshh SillBeast ok , my opinion skynet is the best right now , u can’t tell me my opinion is wrong lol , you are welcome to your own

    • Actually I can if statistical proofs meaning if my hypothesis is backed by my theory and proven by mathematical equations or just the mere fact that I ran when I ran how I ran it was very fair and it failed Point Blank now it may change and I will give you that when you say right now that could be that show that could be that our but I’m talking over the course of Krypton and the multi Fork type media epidemic this is what I do man this is what I do so actually I can very well I must tell you your opinion is your opinion but your opinion is not feasible how’s that it lacks any supportive evidence and where I have then and believe me Marty when I tell you there’s a whole lot of difference between the past and the future so when you hit 88 buckle up because where I go we don’t need no roads. What I’m telling you is no matter if it was the 1930s or the 300,000 scientific fact and supportive evidence will outweigh your opinion sorry just way it is it’s called fact look it up

    • Oh I am sorry I must admit maybe you were mistakenly evasive about what you were saying. If you are referring two the overall broadcasting of shows and networks that are tied in to the sky overall like Sky and channel guide or what you want to call it they’re entertainment list of shows and the level of Avenue payment and consistently having good quality viewing material yeah they are very very Broad and definitely have some very good stuff for being just a network but if were referring to it working in Kodi the best when you said it was I am basing it that way if you were to be viewing it such as somebody that pays for Xfinity and somebody that pays for the sky Network I still would kontest due to the fact that you can get the very highest of speed internet and get the basic SD quality with the HBO’s at the price of the connection of Internet which is running and probably the very top of your public provided non clocked straight from provider service. So I just wanted to be clear on what I was arguing or I was not arguing I was pointing out the flaws in your opinion or hypothetical thought process of what you were appearing to have thought that you knew which only made it a theory which is just the same as opinion so I cannot saying your opinion or theory is wrong but I can say without supporting it and having a hypothesis that Advance it to a state of fact that would give it ground to stand on you had nothing and I just wanted to reiterate to those who seen this at all Skynet is very freaking good however it’s only the good as the links that or that of the source and how the source is linked to you is all the better it can be if you have a poor middleman I’ll say third-party perhaps would be the correct terminology it’s only that and that only is what it will be. Unless you get direct period And I my friend is non-negotiable and I believe that you will find that to be true even if you disagree on that then you have definitely fooled yourself and then some but not this one. Good lesson class dismissed.

  4. My goto addon is Zen,Genesis reborn and exedus for movies and tv shows. I use sports devil for PPV wrestling. I use motor replays for Moto GP racing and wwe online i think for regular wrestling.


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