Feb 19, 2017 Install Kodi 16.1 / Indigo, Fusion / If you still aren’t comfortable with Kodi 17


Please Leave A Thumbs Up If You Liked This Video – This is a video made for the people who aren't quite fond of Kodi 17 and the new way af adding Exodus. .


  1. ok so, i have a older version XBMC, 4. something. and so i cant download kodi 17. i had to manually download 16.1 off a website. i go to download add on installer but only have the option for indigo now. when i tried to download it through fusion with “begin.here” it would error and not download. I’m thinking because its a newer version of indigo trying to download on a older version of kodi, i want indigo so i can download easy advanced settings. this only helped me download exodus. can you help me somehow understand how to download addoninstaller or indigo a different way? or help me understand why this isn’t downloading for me?

    • Ive always had issues ever since the new update was out. My android box is an older version and i cant download kodi 17.0, only 16.1 and i had to go and figure out how to download the 16.1 because my google play wouldnt allow me to. Once i did that i tried to download add-on installer because i was under the impression that still existed but apparently its indigo now. i did everything right with indigo but as soon as i get to downloading it from a zip file it won’t download it. it just says theres a problem and a error message in the lower right corner.

    • +Jophus0124 I recently had to clear my android box and that’s why I lost everything lol. I always assumed if I didn’t get config wizard or indigo kodi wouldn’t work. But the add onns I am getting back are now working fine. So I am wondering will there end up being bugs and problems with my kodi if I don’t do the config wizard, or is it just there to make things easier ?


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