Download Wallpapers from KODI with Easy Wallpapers KODI Addon by SchismTV!


If you are ever wanted to download directly into KODI your Wallpapers, look no more! With SchismTV's Easy Wallpapers the process is very easy. Search through thousands of Wallpapers and select which one you want through an easy to use KODI Addon.
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  1. Dimitri, I’m having trouble finding the folder where my image has been placed on my fire tv stick. I downloaded the image and it said download successful. I’ve check the path under settings for the Addon, but I can’t find that source when I enable background image and choose to look for the source. Any advice?

    • +Scott P nothing shows under the download folder when I open it. I did open sdcard and then download…. But no Es file explorer there… And I have Es file explorer on my device.

    • if it is hard for you to find it, go to the addon settings and change the download folder into something easier, like sdcardDownloads

    • +Dimitrology I can’t even do that. The download path only goes as far back as special://home and then there are options…. But the problem is when I go to find the download, there is no option for special or home. Thank you guys. I will keep trying. I will post if I can successfully find a solution, and if anyone else overcomes this for fire stick please share.

  2. I can’t find where these downloads are going on lyrics fire stick. the only options I get are external storage or root file system, any ideas please?

    • Matthew Keen just press add-on information, then Configure and then download path and change to a folder that you can see, I had the same problem and this solution solved it

  3. I’m in the same boat as Matthew Keen. I can’t find where the downloads are going. I’m on Android 6.0.1. The path starts with ‘Special’ (according to the context menu) and I can’t even find that. Where do I look?

    • Michael Agner just press add-on information , then Configure and then download path and change to a folder that you can see, I had the same problem and this solution solved it, pm me for more info if you are stuck

    • Well I tried Shalim’s solution and it doesn’t work. I can’t change the path in the Configure menu, and if I try manually select a folder, that doesn’t work either. Anyone else?

    • Michael Agner try it like this, I assume you have a fire stick (doesn’t matter either way) so let’s start :go to Pictures > Pictures add-ons >you gonna see Easy Wallpapers with yellow writing if you have a fire stick just keep pressed the middle button from the round button for like 2 sec, that is gonna active a submenu >from that submenu select Add-on Information >Configure >Download Path, here just select the Pictures folder from the External Storage partition, and just press The OK button from the top right side to confirm the path, and that’s it. (if you don’t have that external storage partition just select a random folder that you know you can see and it should work).PS :to change the path from inside the Download Path, just press back until you get to the main system files or partitions and then move to a different folder, if you try to type it manually you can’t

    • I have an Android box with 6.0.1 using Jarvis 16.1. The problem is that there seems to be no way to change the path in the Configure menu. No matter what I try – click on the URL to hopefully activate the keyboard so I can type the path or manually select a folder, it simply doesn’t work

  4. I have a question for you I added backgrounds but I don’t like them anymore how do I delete them off so I can change them to other ones because your video was great I know how to add them now I just don’t have to take them back off to change them… plz help

  5. i downloaded the easy wallpapers then found a wallpaper i liked it said downloaded but i can’t find where its downloaded it to.I have checked on pictures but nothing there.?

  6. How do I remove individual wallpapers if I loaded too many?

    Great video, thank you! I have Apple TV and I been looking for wallpaper for ever! This is the best way to get them on Apple TV.

  7. For anyone having issues deleting a photo here how’s it’s done under Schism anniversary skin. Under settings go to, file manager/.Kodi/userdata/backgrounds/ from there right click on your mouse or hit the menu button on your remote for fire stick or Android box to the delete the photo. I hope this helps with everyone having issues deleting photos.


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