(DON’T REINSTALL, PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION) How To Install | Kodi 17.1 Krypton on Firestick


As of yesterday (6/8/2017) a lawsuit started by Dish Network has shut most of add-ons within Kodi. Others haven't been working properly since this started. So please keep what you have, DO NOT reinstall anything to ensure your add-ons work as long as they can.

Step by step tutorial on how to install Kodi 17.1 , a build, and addons.

You can find the latest Amazon Firestick here:

First required link:
Second required link:


Make sure you uninstall the previous version before starting another installation. Also removing the extra downloaded files from ES could help. To uninstall and removed everything to ensure your new installation will work, from the homepage of the Firestick highlight the app, press the option button, then uninstall. Another way is to go to Settings, Applications, Manage Installed Applications, Select the app and uninstall. When uninstalling the last version make sure you leave "Don't delete media files" unchecked. To remove the extra downloaded files go to the ES Explorer app and go to Download under the Favorite option (You mayhave to select Favorite for the options to drop down), then highlight and press and hold the extra downloaded files to delete it. It maybe hard to highlight at first but it's possible.

To remove the bubble on the right go to ES Explorer, settings, then "Logger floating widget settings", uncheck "enable logger floating widget" and there ya go!

To adjust the screen within Kodi: Go to the settings icon, Interface settings, Skins, then adjust the Zoom

For Subtitles: From the homepage of Kodi go to
Player Settings
select "Default TV show service" and "movie service"
Get More on both
find and select Subscene.com on both (best I've found)
select and play a stream
press the option button
select the subtitle icon
select download
Subscene.com then just choose which one you prefer

Please keep in mind the Kodi site will update so what you see in this video will change over time.

If you like to change the skins/theme of Kodi 17 go to Settings, Interface, Skins, select Skins then Get more, pick a skin you prefer, once you select one let is download and install, If it doesn't add automatically just go back and select it. WARNING, this may change the layout completely so you will have to get use to it.

Sometimes the streams are unavailable for a moment. It's normal for freshly added movies. It's rare for everything else. You can also try exiting out of Kodi every now and then so it will refresh itself. You do this by using the exit option on the homepage of Kodi.


This video is step by step how to install and download Kodi 17.1 / Krypton on the Amazon Firestick. I show how to install a build, Fusion TV Addons, plus a quick walk through on how to navigate it.

I do not own any visual content and audio in this video


  1. I get launch indigo part and it just keeps saying ” starting up ” initializing please stand by and doesn’t load

    • DownloadingPirate Im having the same problem where it says initializing but just keeps loading endlessly. I followed your steps from the reply on this comment and all it did was update the existing indigo add-on.

    • DownloadingPirate I’m stuck on the screen where it says initializing (at minute 16:18 on your video). how can I resolve this. I click indigo thumbnail and it stays stuck,not loading,on that screen. can’t cancel or back out of it unless I push the home button on my fire stick remote.

    • same problem with mine. i uninstalled kodi when it stopped working and cleared all files from es explorer. im also stuck om the startup of indigo. done force stop through es exp and opened kodi in it to retry. this didnt work either ?

    • UP & RUNNING!!! After all the heartache i forced shutdown of kodi again in es explorer but also closed down my amazon firestick too. i switched the power off at the wall for 10 seconds. When i opened kodi and selected indigo it installed and im up and running again! ???

    • Here’s some other ways to get it: Go to Add-ons (from the homepage of Kodi) > Select the box icon on the top left corner > Install from Repository > All repositories > Video add-ons > Then find, select, and install Exodus or any other add-on you want. Or You can try refreshing the Indigo add-on. You do this by starting from the homepage of Kodi, go to Add-ons > My Add-ons > Video add-ons > select Indigo then follow the prompts to update it. If no updates are available, exit Kodi completely by using the exit option on the home page of Kodi so it can refresh Then try again. Let me know if you continue to have this problem.

  2. im having trouble downloading exodus can anyone help its moving slow for me is it my internet connection?

    • Did you make sure you uninstalled the previous version before installing another one? When you don’t sometimes it makes adding new things difficult.

    • Phoenix and other add-ons have been taken down today due to an lawsuit started by Dish (a satellite cable company). The lawsuit doesn’t effect every add-on in Kodi. I’m not exactly sure at this moment, but I believe adjustments are being made causing this issue. Please give it some and try again later to see if there’s any changes. I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

  3. Tried installing didn’t work kept giving me error message when I go to install exodus tried closing and rebooting same result

    • I believe this lawsuit is effecting some of us when installing new add-ons. Phoenix and other add-ons have been taken down yesterday due to an lawsuit started by Dish (a satellite cable company). I’m not exactly sure at this moment, but I believe adjustments are being made causing this issue. Please give it some and try again later to see if there’s any changes. I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

    • DownloadingPirate thanks so much I had Kodi 16.1 and exodus just started working very slow when I went to update it I was getting a message update failed tried rebooting so I deleted 16.1 and installed 17.1 I was able to install exodus but when I do a search to watch something I get a message saying no stream available now I am using a old firestick I’m guessing it’s a 1st generation

  4. I had to reinstall kodi because all of my add on disappeared. I have reinstalled it and it is super slow down loading now. How do I fix this problem?

    • By slow I mean I have been watching exodus download for 45 minutes and it is 3/4 of the way done. I checked my internet and it’s all good so I have no idea what is wrong… could it be the fire stick?

  5. DownloadingPirate it won’t let me download exodus. it says File in not a zip file please try again later, attempting to continue. please help me

  6. Can’t get exodus to install please help it says file is not a zip file try again later.I tried later still nothing???

  7. Once I go to fusion then begin here the plugin… selection isn’t there and I’ve done this so many times and for some reason it’s no longer there.

  8. I got all the way to the install from Zip drive and when you hit begin here nothing shows up on the next page


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